Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p64


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Volume 3, Page 64

would have ord. Lawson in the latter pt. of 1686; but hav. lost his first
w. and her d. Ann, he lucki. for him went to sett. at Scituate sec. ch.
of wh. he was third min. and dism. in 1698 for hav. been abs. more than
two yrs. gone home. At Boston, by w. Jane he had Deodate, b. 1682;
and he had sec. w. Deborah Allen, m. 6 May 1690, by wh. he had at S.
Deborah, b. 1694; and Richard, 1696. Deane, 195; Calamy, II. 629.
Calef, wh. shows how slight was his escape from peril of the witchcr.
delusion, calls him Lowson. HENRY, Mass. prob. came 1630, And d.
early in 1631. JAMES, Dartmouth, sw. fidel. 1684. JOHN, Boston 1690,
had Ann, bapt. 10 Nov. 1700; Sarah, 29 Mar. 1702; and John and Savil,
16 July 1704, the rec. at Mather's ch. being "tw. of John, lately d." ROGER,
Boston, mariner, 1690.

    LAWTON, GEORGE, Portsmouth, R. I. had Isaac, b. 11 Dec. 1650;
George; perhaps Job; and certain. Robert; but no more can be learn.
of him exc. that his d. Ruth m. 10 Feb. 1681, William Wodell; and
Mercy m. 19 Jan. 1682, James Tripp; prob. he d. 5 Oct. 1693; at
least, one George then d. and the rec. adds, "his s. Job d. 8 Oct. 1697."
GEORGE, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps s. of the preced. m. 17 Jan. 1678,
Naomi Hunt, had Elizabeth b. 15 Nov. foll.; George, 30 Apr. 1685; Robert,
4 Oct. 1688; Job, 22 Jan. 1693; and d. 11 Sept. 1697. His wid.
m. 11 Oct. 1701, his br. Isaac. ISAAC, Portsmouth, R. I. s. of the
first George, m. 3 Mar. 1674, Elizabeth d. of Peter Talman, had Elizabeth b. 16
Feb. foll.; Sarah, 25 Oct. 1676; Ann, 25 Apr. 1678, Isaac, 21 May
1681; Mary, 3 Apr. 1683; Ichabod, 12 Mar. 1680; Thomas, 25 Apr.
1687; Susanna, 3 Apr. 1689; Job, 28 Apr. 1691; Ruth, 9 Apr. 1694;
and John, 2 Sept. 1696. His w. d. 20 May 1701, and he m. 11 Oct.
foll. Naomi, wid. of his br. George; and she d. 3 Jan. 1720. JAMES,
Suffield, s. of John, had Jacob, wh. was sev. yrs. rep. and, from caprice,
adopt. in his business as a lawyer the name of Christopher Jacob L.
JOHN, Newtown, L. I. 1656, may be the one wh. m. at Boston 21 Sept.
1659, wid. Joanna Mullins; and had sec. w. perhaps that Mary, d. of
Matthew Boomer, or some such name, wh. next m. 3 June 1678, Gideon
Freeborn as his sec. w. at Portsmouth, R. I. JOHN, Suffield, had James,
Benedicta, Mary, and, perhaps, others, d. 19 Dec. 1690; and his wid.
Benedicta d. 18 Nov. 1692. Both of the ds. were m. 1683. ROBERT,
Portsmouth, R. I. s. perhaps youngest, of George the first, m. 16 Feb.
1681, Mary, d. of Gershom Wodell or Waddell, had Mary, b. 20 Feb.
1682; George, 1 Sept. 1685; Elizabeth 12 Sept. 1688; Robert, 5 Jan. 1696;
and d. 25 Jan. 1706; and his wid. d. 14 Jan. 1731. THOMAS, prob. of
Portsmouth, R. I. may have been an early sett. for his d. Elizabeth m. 25
July 1667, Peleg Shearman of that place; Sarah m. 1 Aug. 1667,
George Sisson, and Ann m. 26 May 1669, Giles Slocum.

    LAY, EDWARD, Hartford 1640, rem. to Saybrook 1648, on E. side, or