Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p581

Volume 3, Page 581

    ROWELL, JACOB, Amesbury, only s. of Thomas of Ipswich, had
Moses, b. 29 Nov. 1699. NATHANIEL, Salisbury 1640. PHILIP,
Amesbury 1677. THOMAS, Ipswich 1652-8, had been of Salem 1649,
Salisbury 1640, and m. Margery, wid. of the first Christopher Osgood, wh.
aft. d. of R. m. Thomas Coleman of Nantucket; d. at Androver, 8 May 1662.
THOMAS, Boston worsted comber, where prob. he resid. very short time,
made his will, 10 Sept. 1658. VALENTINE, Salisbury, m. 14 Nov. 1643.
Joanna Pindenn d. I presume, of Henry, had John, b. 1645, d. young; Philip,
8 Mar. 1648; Mary, 31 Jan. 1650; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1651; and John, again, wh.
do. 18 Feb. 1656; was a carpenter, and d. 17 May 1662.

    ROWLAND, HENRY, Fairfield 1650-70, freem. 1669, perhaps was f.
of that Elizabeth wh. a. 1640 m. James Rogers; and certain. his d. Rebecca
m. Eleazer Smith. In his will his names four ds. Elizabeth Wheeler, wh.
had been w. of James Rogers; Abigail, w. of Thomas Johnes; Rebecca
Smith; and Mary, w. of Daniel Frost. He d. in 1691; and Jonathan
wh. left a wid. and Henry wh. was unm. both his s. d. the same yr.
JOHN, Hingham, but possib. may be ano. spelling, for somebody, unless
he were the Plymouth man of 1632, whose bapt. name in the tax of
Jan.1633, is lost. JOSEPH, Fairfield, a prob. of Henry, was 48 yrs. old
in Sept. 1691. RICHARD, Salem 1648, was of Marblehead 1673 and 4.
His w. was Mary, d. of James Smith, and ch. Samuel, Mary, Joseph,
and two more. SAMUEL, Stratford, may have been f. of Henry, but
possib. his d. Eliz. m. bef. 1640 James Rogers, to whose eldest s. Samuel
he gave large est. Five of this name had been gr. at Yale, in 1829,
and three of other N. E. coll. none at Harv.

    ROWLARDSON, JOSEPH, Lancaster, s. of Thomas, b. prob. in Eng.
was the first min. there, the sole grad. of 1652 at Harv. in two yrs went to
L. to preach, but was not ord. bef. 1660, tho. highly reput. m. Mary, d.
of John White, a woman of uncommon discretion and firmness, as he.
Narrative of that doleful captivity wh. foll. the assault by the Ind. 1
Feb. 1676, when one or more of the fam. were k. and the rest taken exc.
hims. wh. had gone to Boston for succor, must fully exhib. they had
Joseph, wh. d. soon; Joseph, again, b. 2 Mar. 1662; Mary 16666; Sarah,
1669; perhas one or two more; for her distress leaves some indistinetness
in the story of her fate. Aft. the utter destruct. of the town.
he preach, in Boston and elsewhere, tho. unsett. until call. to Wethersfield
Apr. 1677, where his time was but short, 3. 23 or 24 Nov. 1678. Of the
curious work of Mrs. R. usual, call. the Removes, Mr. Willard in 1828
pub. the sixth edit. with copious illustration, and some strange matter of
youthful indiscreet, in the h. He had, of all his fam. only w. and Joseph
and Mary, lib. at the time of his d. The books in his inv. were val. of L89
wh. must be regard, as extraord. amt. after so short a time from his loss.