Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p579

Volume 3, Page 579

out in 1690; and in 1692, with Edward Palmes and Gershom Bulkley,
oppos. the Charter gov. and d. 19 July 1694, aged 64, as the tells,
and his wid. d. 1698. He had Maud, b. 21 Aug. 1688; and William, 16
June 1670; both at New Haven, beside the Richard, wh. prob. was b. at
Charlestown; and perhaps by ano. w. Eliz. 1 Oct. 1679. This call. by
Caulkins "only ch. of W. R." bec. sec. w. of Gov. Saltonstall, had five
ch. and d. soon aft. b. of the last. It must be that "only child" means
only surviv. My informat. is deriv. chiefly from Judge R. D. Smith
of Guilford, aft. dilig. scrutiny of rec.

Haven 1643, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 31 Jan. 1641, bapt. 1 Oct. 1643;
Lydia, Aug. 1644, d. soon; John, bapt. 19 July 1646; Mary, b. 23 Feb. 1650;
Elizabeth 19 June 1652, d. soon; and he d. Sept. 1668, leav. wid. Sarah, wh. m.
11 Dec. 1670, Gov. William Leete, and d. soon aft. mak. her will, 12 Feb.
1674. Mary m. 16 Nov. 1670, Daniel Hall, and next, 23 Aug. 1681, John
; and Sarah, m. 24 June 1657, Thomas Trowbridge.

    ROUNDY, ROUNDEE or ROUNDAY, PHILIP, Salem, m. Nov. 1671,
Ann Bush, and d. 1678, for his inv. of est. L7.10.6 only, was tak. 24
June of that yr. Mary R. perhaps his d. m. 19 Apr. 1695, Thomas
Walter. Perhaps Mark Round, one of the soldiers under Capt. Hill,
against E. Ind. 1699, was his s.

    ROUS, ROUSE or ROWSE, ALEXANDER, prob. of Cambridge, bef.
Groton, by w. Judith, m. 15 May 1672, had Judith and Elizabeth tw. b. 2
Feb. 1673, both d. soon; Elizabeth again, d. soon; and Sarah, 16 July 1686.
Butler. EDWARD, Gloucester 1651. FAITHFUL, Charlestown 1641,
adm. of the ch. 1 July 1643, his w. Suretrust hav. join, the yr. bef. and
d. Mercy in Dec. aft. him; was freem. 1644, and d. 18 May 1664, aged
75; in his will of 9 Apr. pro. 21 June foll. names w. S. and d. M.
Sweat, prob. w. of John. JOHN, Duxbury, m. Annis, d. of John Peabody,
had Mary, b. 1640, wh. m. a Price; John, 1643; Simon, 1645;
George, 1648; Ann, wh. m. 1678, Isaac Holmes; and Elizabeth wh. m. 10
Apr. 1681, Thomas Bourne, and d. 9 Apr. 1701. His will Winsor says,
was of 1681. He liv. in Marshfield cheifly, and there d. 1684; but
Deane claims him, prob. by mistake, for some time, at Scituate, where
he should suffer whip. and banishm. as a quaker, but came back 1658.
JOHN, Marshfield, s. prob. of the preced. m. 13 Jan. 1675, Elizabeth Dotey;
and d. Oct. 1717. * SIMON, Little Compton 1691, a rep. unless this distinct.
belongs to S. Rowley. WILLIAM, Boston, goldsmith, by w. Sarah
had Mary, b. 20 Sept. 1676; William 25 May 1678; and d. 1705 in
65th yr. WILLIAM, Boston, prob. s. of the preced. mariner, charged,
with sev. others, in 1706, for a high misdemean. in trad. with the enemy,
and on imprison. was, by Ch. Just. Sewall, refus. His habeas corpus, suffer.
a yr. and a half in gaol. Prob. this was to spite Gov. Dudley, against