Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p572


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Volume 3, Page 572

    RONALLS, JOHN, JOSIAH, and SAMUEL, perhaps br. s at Wickford
1674, may have spelled variously.

    ROOD, THOMAS, Norwich, had sev. childr. bef. liv. there; Sarah , b.
Oct. 1649; Thomas, Mar. 1651; Micah, Feb. 16. 1653; Rachel, Feb.
1655; John, Sept. 1658; Joseph, Mar. 1661; Benjamin, Feb. 1633;
Mary, Mar. 1664, d. soon; and Samuel, June 1666. His w. d. happi.
Mar. 1668, for his d. Sarah was whip. and he execut. 18 Oct. 1672, as in
Trumbull. Col. rec. II. 184, is detail. Perhaps the name was changed
to Rudd or Rude. JOHN, with this latter spelling was a petitnr. 1686,
for Preston townsh.

    ROOKER, WILLIAM, Hadley, petitio, against imposts. 1668, took the o.
of alleg. 8 Feb. 1679.

    ROOKMAN, JOHN, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 45, with w. Elizabeth
31, and s. John, 9; but the name is never found in any of our settlem.

    ROOME or ROME, JOHN, Portsmouth 1638, is among freem. 1655,
and is nam. in the royal chart. 1663. See Haz. II. 612. He was from
Bristol, Eng. prob. for by his will he devis, ho. and ld. in that city to his
w. Ann, wh. in 1669 gave her gr.s. William Cory, power to sell it.

    ROOT, CALEB, Farmington, s. of John the first of the same, m. 9 Aug.
1693, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Salmon of Northampton, had Mary, b. 6 Mar.
1695, bapt. 4 Apr. 1697; Caleb, 14 Mar. 1698; Thomas, 16 Jan. 1702;
Elizabeth 8 Apr. 1706; and Samuel, 20 Nov. 1712; and d. 1712. HEZEKIAH,
Northampton 1678, s. of Thomas the first, freem. 1690, d. bef.
his f. m. 1682, Mehitable, d. of Sampson Frary of Deerfield, had Benjamin,
b. 1686; Mehitable, perhaps the sec. d. of the name, 1688; and
Mercy 1689, wh. was k. at Deerfield, with her gr.f. Frary, 29 Feb.
1704, by the Fr. and Ind. His wid. m. a 1702, Jermiah Alvord.
JACOB, Northampton, br. of the preced. m. a 1680, Mary or Mercy, d.
of Sampson Frary, had Joanna, b. 1681; Daniel, 1684; Jacob, 1687;
Mercy, 1690; Margaret, 1692; William, 1695; Hezekiah, 1697; Ruth,
1699; Nathaniel, 1702; and Jonathan, 1705; was freem. 1684, but
rem., to Hebron, and d. 1731. His will, 1728, names all the ch. exc.
Hezekiah, tho. some were d. leav. heirs. of this fam. was the late Hon.
Erastus R. of Albany. JOHN, Farmington, m. Mary, d. of Thomas Kilbourne,
had John; Thomas, Samuel; Joseph; Caleb; Stephen; Mary,
wh. m. Isaac Bronson; and Susanna, M. Oct. 1683, Joseph Langton;
was freem. 1657, and d. 1684. leav. good est. and his wid. d. 1697,
aged 70. His first three s. sett. at Westfield. In the Hist. of the Kilbourne
Fam. pp. 42 and 3, exhibit, the extraord. dilig. of P. K. Kilbourne, some
slight differences may be found. JOHN, Farmington, s. of the preced.
m. 18 Oct. 1664, Mary, d. of Richard[1] Ashley of Springfield, and
sett. at Westfield soon, there had Mary. b. 22 Sept. 1666; Sarah, 24