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Volume 3, Page 512

2 July 1696; Grindall, 24 Aug. 1697; and Mary, 1698; but the last
two d. soon. The names of these twenty ch. of wh. only five liv. to
grow up, it is said are record. in the anc. fam. bible, and so, we presume,
are the dates; one of wh. is impossible to be true.

    RAY or REA, CALEB, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Caleb, b. 19 Feb.
1683; and by w. Mary had Mary, 28 Aug. 1691. DANIEL, Plymouth
1631, rem. to Salem, and prob. was that freem. of 14 May 1634, spell.
Wray in Col. Rec. and perhaps h. of Bethia, adm. the ch. 1637, and
Sept. of that yr. was on the gr. jury, liv. there 1644. He had d. Bethia
wh. m. first the brave Capt. Thomas Lothrop, next Joseph Grafton, and
last deac. William Goodhue. But other ch. were Joshua, Rebecca, and
Sarah. DANIEL, Salem, gr.s. of the preced. s. of the first Joshua, m. 10
Apr. 1678, Hepzibah Peabody, had Jemima, b. 29 Dec. 1680; Daniel 23
Nov. 1682; Zerobabel, 12 May 1687; Elizabeth 14 Aug. 1687 (unless, as may
easi. be conject. an error has crept into Essex Inst. III. 97); Uzziel, Mar. 1693;
and Pilgrim, 30 Nov. 1695. JAMES, Hingham, m. Jan. 1682, wid. Hewett,
perhaps relict of Thomas. JOSHUA, Salem, s. of Daniel, may have been brot.
from Eng. freem. 1665, was a taverner, 1693. He m. 26 Feb. 1652, Sarah
, possib. d. of Richard, wh. d. 19 May 1700, aged 70, had Daniel,
b. 30 Mar. 1654, wh. serv. in Philip's war 1676; Rebecca, 4 Sept.
1656; Sarah, 10 Nov. 1658, d. soon; ano. Sarah, and Elizabeth dates of
whose b. are so confus. in Essex Inst. III. 16, that tho. it is clear, that
one is false, we kn. not wh. besides Bethia, 3 Jan. 1663; Joshua, 6
Aug. 1664; John, 23 May 1666; and Hannah, 1 Aug. 1668. Rebecca
m. that Samuel Stephens, k. Sept. 1675 at the fight of Bloody Brook,
and her f. report. to the governm. that his br.-in-law, Capt. Thomas
, and his s.-in-law, Samuel Stephens, both k. by the Ind. in that
serv. left fams. dend. on him. JOSHUA, Salem, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth
, had Sarah, b. 28 Apr. 1686. RICHARD, Warwick, 1656. SIMON,
Braintree, came, it is said, from Braintree, Co. Essex, and d. 30 Sept.
1641. His will was copied on one of the lost pages of our Vol. I. in
Prob. Court, if we may believe the Index; and his inv. of 20 Feb. foll.
shows good est. Perhaps Mary, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1651, Samuel Deering,
was his d. SIMON, Block isl. s. of the preced. an orig. propr. of the
isl. in 1661, m. Mary d. of the first Nathaniel Thomas of Marshfield,
had Mary, b. 19 May 1667; Dorothy, 16 Oct. 1669; Simon, 9 Apr.
1672; and Sibel, 19 Mar. 1675. He liv. to see num. progeny thro.
male and fem. lines, and d. 17 Mar. 1737, in 102d yr. says the gr.-stone;
and from him came into the fam. by subseq. interm. the Hon.
Nathaniel Ray Thomas, one of his Majesty's Counsellors of Mass. Bay

    RAYMOND, perhaps oft. RAYMENT, DANIEL, Lyme, youngest s. of
Richard, m. Elizabeth d. of Gabriel Harris, wh. d. 10 Aug. 1683, had Elizabeth
and Sarah; and m. next Rebecca, d. of John Lay, had Richard, Samuel,
and perhaps others, and d. 1696. His wid. m. Samuel Gager of Norwich.
JOHN, Beverly 1670, perhaps the freem. of 1683, d. in 87th yr.
18 Jan. 1703. JOHN, Beverly, possib. may be thot. s. of the preced.