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Volume 3, Page 501

for ch. and d. 7 Oct. 1676; Joanna m. David Hobart of Hingham,
bore him five ch. and d. 18 May 1695; Judith m. Rev. John Rayner
jr. of Dover, wh. d. soon aft. 21 Dec. 1676, and she d. 8 Mar. 1679;
Elizabeth m. 1681, Rev. Daniel Gookin of Shirborne; Ruth m. 19 Oct.
1686, John Hunt of Weymouth; Experience m. William Savil, surv.
him, and d. late in 1706, or early in 1707, when admin. was giv. to her
br. Edmund; and the sec. Mary m. Rev. Daniel Baker of Shirborne,
and d. 29 Mar. 1716 in 32d yr. The geneal. in Geneal. Reg. XI. is
rather imperf. EDMUND, Braintree, youngest s. of the preced. and
only one wh. outliv. the f. m. Dorothy, d. of Rev. Josiah Flynt of Dorchester,
was col. of the regim. rep. 1713 and 14, of the council 1715,
and 1718 one of the justices of the Sup. Ct. of the Prov. In the cause
of the Prov. he was sent to the Court of the Sovereign in Dec. 1737,
and d. there of smallpox 23 Feb. after. The inscript. on his monum.
erect. by our Gen. Ct. in Bunhill Fields (where the rest the ashes of John
Milton and John Bunyan) may be read in Eliot's Biog. Dict. His will
made just bef. embark. 10 Dec. 1737, pro. 18 Apr. next, names only
ch. Edmund, b. 1703, H. C. 1722, Josiah, 1709, H. C. 1728, Elizabeth
and Dorothy, and with tender ref. to late decease (in Aug. preced.)
of his w. Dorothy. This Josiah was a merch. of emin. and disting.
as a patriot in the Revo. f. of that fervid orator, Josiah, b. 23 Feb.
1744, H. C. 1763, wh. expended his life for the cause of his country,
dying on shipboard, in sight of home, as he ret. from Eng. aft. hostil.
had begun only seven days. Fourteen descend. of the first Edmund, in
male line, are of the gr. at Harv. of wh. the only s. of the eloquent
patriot was some yrs. Presid. and to whose honor he devot. a Hist. that
for its truthfulness may put to shame most of the narratives of all Institutions
under difficult combinations.

    QUING or QUIN, ARTHUR, Boston 1677.

    QUOITMORE, THOMAS, a perverse spelling in some rec. of Coytmore.

    RABBEY or RABBE, CATHARINE, Salem, a waterman's wid. from Yarmouth,
in Co. Norf. emb. 12 Apr. 1637, aged 68, to come hither, "to
remain with her s." as the official docum. in Westminster Hall or her
Majesty's Remembrancer's office says. Who he as is unkn. but she
unit. with the ch. of S. 1641.

    RABUN or RABONE, GEORGE, Exeter 1639, by Belkn. I. 432, spelled

    RADDEN, THADDEUS, Marblehead 1674, as print. in Geneal. Reg.
VIII. 282, wh. I presume to mean the same person as T. Reddam, Redden,
and Raddin in Essex Inst. II. 279 and 280, with less prob. name in
Geneal. Reg. VII. 70, Thaddeus Kidder or Kiddar.

    RAGLAND, JOHN, Boston, d. 27 Nov. 1690, in his will, of 26, pro. 8
Jan. foll. gave all his est. to w. Mary.