Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p502


Volume 3, Page 502

    RAINES or RAYNES, FRANCIS, York, sw. freem. of Mass. 1652, with
prefix of dignity, lieut. 1654, had a d. m. John Woodman of Dover; as
a capt. sw. alleg. to the k. 1680; made his will 21 Aug. 1693. NATHANIEL,
York, s. perhaps of Francis, sw. alleg. to the k. 1681.

    RICHARD, Edgartown 1659.

    RAINSBORROW, WILLIAM, Charlestown 1639, was of ar. co. that yr.
and had next yr. est. at Watertown, was prob. desirous of liv. on this
side of the ocean, purchas. in the first yr. of his resid. the old meetinghouse,
as Budington, 195, has shown, but went home bef. the civil war, in
wh. he acquir. distinct. He is call. br of Stephen Winthrop (perhaps
by m. of W. with sis. of R.), whose excors. conveyed to Edward R.
prob. s. of William, large est. in Lynn, half of fifteen hundred acres,;
and also half of Prudence isle in Narraganset Bay. Edward in 1672,
was of London. Clarendon in Hist. of the Rebellion, gives acco. of
William's d. 1648.

    RAINSFORD, oft. RANSFORD, EDWARD, Boston 1630, came in the
fleet with Winthrop by Hutchinson I. 260, called br. of Ch. Just. Rainsford,
wh. so strongly do I suspect to be erron. that gladly would conject.
be offered of its possib. cause, were it in my power, was freem. 17 Apr.
1637, a deac. and rul. elder of the first ch. and one the founders of
the third, indignant at the artifices practis. to bring Davenport from New
Haven, d. 16 Aug. 1680. He by first w. had Mary and Josiah, b. 1,
both bapt. 17 June 1632; the mo. d. the same mo. and Josiah d. in Sept.
foll. and by sec. w. Elizabeth had John, b. 30 June, bapt. 27 July 1634;
Jonathan, bapt. 23 Oct. 1636; Ranis, 4, bapt. 10 June 1638; Nathan,
24 July, bapt. 1 Aug. 1641, d. bef. his f.; David, bapt. 1 Sept. 1644, d.
28 Nov. 1691; Solomon; Edward; Elizabeth; and Ann, b. 1 Feb. 1652;
all exc. the first s. named in the will, made 3, pro. 28 Aug. 1680, tho.
Jonathan and Nathan are ment. as d. yet the latter prob. without issue,
as his sure. to Edward and the ch. of the other are named, Jonathan,
Dorothy, and Mary. His wid. Elizabeth wh. d. 16 Nov. 1688, aged
81, is nam. excor. and he calls his. ds. Mary Parcyfull, meaning possib.
Percival, but wh. the h. was is unkn. Ranis Belcher, w. of Josiah, Elizabeth
Greenough, sec. w. of William and Ann Hough, w. of Samuel of Boston.
EDWARD, Boston, a fisherman, came in the Abigail from London,
1635, aged 26, whom I dare not deny tho. I must not assert, to be the
same as preced. JOHN, Boston, ship carpenter, s. of the preced. m.
Susanna, d. of Peter Vergoose, had Elizabeth John, Mary Shute, Susanna,
Edward, Hannah, and Nathan, as all are nam. legatees in the will of
their Susanna V. He d 5 Apr. 1698. JONATHAN, Boston, s.
of the Elder, m. 29 Nov. 1656, Mary, d. of John Sunderland, had Mary,
b. 2 July 1659; Jonathan, 26 July 1661, Dorothy, 11 Sept. 1663;