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Volume 3, Page 490

should have suffer. the power of decision and the devil passed away.
Yet four yrs. later, the wid. had to beseech the legislat. to order relief
of her husband's prop. from the forfeiture. See Felt II. 484. Too
brief is this statement of Mr. Felt, and slightly seems the case to have
been misapprehend. by him. No doubt, Gedney, the judge of Probate,
was as much bound to maintain the technical law of Eng. in opposition
to that of humanity, as his superiors of the other tribunal to assert the
institute of Moses against that of common sense; and she "being convict.
and sentenc. of and for the detestab. crime of witchcr." was "look.
upon as d.-in-law, and left out of the will of her h. and nothing giv. her
therein, nor order. her upon the distrib. of the est. of said P." and the
Ct. had the requisite illumina. to decree, that when she produc. the pardon
she bec. alive again. The h.'s will was made 2 Aug. so three days
bef. the conviction. JOSEPH, Ipswich, m. Martha, d. of Francis Wainwright,
had Daniel, b. 30 Jan. 1680. PETER, Concord, s. of Robert, m.
30 Jan. 1689, Mary, d. of James Patterson of Billerica. RICHARD,
Yarmouth 1643. RICHARD, Boston, freem. 1690. ROBERT, Concord,
freem. 10 May 1643, m. Dec. 1645, Jane Hildreth, perhaps d. of Richard,
had Sarah, b. 12 Oct. 1646; Gershom, 13 May 1648; Mary, 8
Apr. 1650; rem. to Chelmsford, had Peter; Elizabeth 21 Jan. 1657; and
Lydia, 19 Feb. 1660, d. at 6 mos. SAMUEL, Dorchester, s. of George,
a cooper at Boston, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 22 Dec. 1671. THORNDIKE,
Salem, s. of sec. John, by w. Hannah had Nathan, b. 18 Oct.
1698. Of this name in 1834, four had been gr. at Harv. one at Yale.
and four at other N. E. coll.

    PROSSER, ROGER, Boston 1672, bought 500 acres at Quinebaug.
THOMAS, Roxbury 1649, perhaps next yr. was of Weymouth.

    PROUSE, JOHN, Salisbury, by w. Hannah, perhaps d. of William
, had Abigail, b. 18 Dec. 1666; was there liv. 1680. ROGER,
Boston, by w. Hannah, had Peter, b. 1 May 1686.

    PROUT, * EBENEZER, Concord, s. of Timothy, was capt. and rep.
1689 and 90, and clk. of the house, was freem. 1690, m. 1678, Elizabeth d.
of capt. Timothy Wheeler, had Timothy. His w. d. at Charlestown, 11
Oct. 1683; and by sec. w. Grace at Watertown, had Eunice, bapt. 13
Apr. 1690; Mary, b. Apr. 1694, d. soon; John, 6 Nov. 1695, d. young;
was town clk. selectman, rep. 1693. JOHN, New Haven, s. of Timothy
of Boston, m. 23 Aug. 1681, Mary, wid. of Daniel Hall, d. of Henry
Rutherford, propr. in 1685 with prefix of respect; was a sea capt. and
d. 20 Sept. 1719; had Margaret, b. 7 June 1682; Sarah, 7 Jan. 1684;
John, 19 Nov. 1689, Y. C. 1708, Treas. of the coll. 49 yrs.; beside
Susanna, 8 May 1688, d. soon; and Mary, 16 Apr. 1686, wh. m. 1 Sept.
1708, John Dixwell, s. of the regicide, a ruling elder at Boston, where
she d. 1718. JOSEPH, Boston, br. of Ebenezer, was selectman, treasr.
and many yrs. town clk. to whose careful rec. we owe much; by his will