Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p471

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Volume 3, Page 471

had William; Mary; Isaac; Thomas; Daniel, b. 10 May 1669; Increase,
16 July 1671; Walter, 28 June 1674; Jacob, 15 Dec. 1679;
and Sarah, 8 Feb. 1683; and d. at Littleton a. 1718.

    POWES, THOMAS, Boston, of wh. I see nothing but that Sewall says,
he was drown. 21 June 1684.

    POWNING or POUNDING, HENRY, Boston, freem. 1644, but he was of
ano. ch. tho. of what town I am ign. had Henry, b. 28 Apr. 1654, wh.
perhaps, was of ar. co. 1677; Hannah, 8 Apr. 1656, d. next yr.; and
Sarah, 3 Aug. 1659. In 1695, a wid. P. was a householder in B. and
Daniel P. ar. co. 1691, a deac. d. 1735.

or POUSLY, JAMES, Salem, m. 2 Aug. 1670, Mary Barnes, wid.
prob. of Thomas, 1675 was employ. as a gunner. Felt II. 486. He
liv. 1674 on Marblehead side. RICHARD, Falmouth 1674-90. Willis
I. 71, 133.

    PRANCE, PHILIP, Salem 1689, master mariner. Felt.

    PRATT, AARON, Cohasset, s. of Phineas, had Aaron, d. Feb. 1735,
aged 81, says the very loose statement in a newspaper taken into the
Geneal. Reg. V. 224. ABRAHAM, Charlestown, a surg. hav. in Col. rec.
19 Oct. 1630, when he req. to be made free, the prefix of respect, came,
we may well infer, in the fleet Winthrop and was liv. 1631 at C.
He with w. Joanna, early join. the ch. of Roxbury, but rem. again to C.
and his w. d. 27 Dec. 1645; and he d. as the gr.-st. says, on the same
day. BENAJAH, Plymouth, s. perhaps of Joshua or of Phineas[1], m. 29
Nov. 1655, Persis Dunham, prob. of the first John, had Abigail, b. 21
Nov. 1657. DANIEL, Hartford, s. prob. of John, freem. 1657, had
Daniel, seven ds. and d. Apr. 1691, bur. 24. The ds. were Hannah,
m. 1678, sec. Daniel Clark; Eliz. w. of Nathaniel Goodwin; Sarah,
wh. m. 1690, Timothy Phelps; Mary Sanford; Rachel, b. 1671,
wh. m. 22 Feb. 1694, John Skinner; Esther; and ano. whose name is not
kn. Esther, in 1702, d. unm. in her will refer. to br. Daniel, and five sis.
so that we infer one was d. since the f. EPHRAIM, Weymouth, by
w. Phebe had Ephraim, b. 15 June 1698. EPHRAIM, Sudbury, s. of
Thomas of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Josiah, b. 6 Mar. 1700; Ephraim,
30 Nov. 1704; Phineas, 8 July 1706; Elizabeth 25 Apr. 1711; and Mary,
2 Dec. 1718; prob. rem. to Shutesbury or Shrewsbury. Of one
Ephraim, either this man or his s. is told the marvellous tale of longevity
in Dwight's travels II. 358, that he was b. in Nov. 1687, and d.
May 1804, could count 1500 descend. ate no animal food for forty yrs.
and "was able to mow a good swarth one hundred and one yrs. in succession."
Improb. crowd up against both of these Ephraims; the sen.
must have been some yrs. earlier than 1687, call. by the man of sec.
childhood his yr. of birth, as it is not prob. that his first ch. was b. in