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Volume 3, Page 470

all in right of w. Priscilla; may be he same wh. in May 1664, was of
Long Isl. adm. to be sw. freem. of Conn. by Commsnrs. of Huntington.
He was dissatif. prob. with the recusancy of that Col. to the union with
Conn. as by the royal chart. provid. and may have been at Springfield
1665, at least bot. ld. there, but did not cont. long, and went back to N.
H. but not to be on the list of 1669, there d. 3 Oct. 1681. Hannah m.
21 May 1660, Thomas Tuttle, and Priscilla m. 29 Mar. or as ano. acco. says,
22 May 1666, John Thompson; and Mary m. 8 Nov. 1669, Ephraim Sanford.
THOMAS, Saco 1670. THOMAS, Windsor, m. 25 Aug. 1676, Alice Traharen,
had Ann, b. 19 Apr. 1678; Thomas, 1 July 1680; and Hannah, 1682,
d. at 2 yrs.; John, wh. d. 17 Jan. 1686; and d. 1685. WILLIAM, Charlestown
1636, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, b. 30 Apr. 1637; Martha, 29 Apr. 1639; Joshua,
15 Nov. 1641, d. soon; Elizabeth 22 Aug. 1642; and Joshua, again, 1644;
and his w. d. 3 Dec. of that yr. He may be that man, said by Farmer
to have d. at Salem 1670. WILLIAM, Taunton 1643.

    POWER, JOHN, Charlestown by w. Sarah, had Peter, b. 4 Nov.
1643. NICHOLAS, Providence, an early sett. soon aft. Roger Williams,
d. 25 Aug. 17 leav. wid. Jane, and s. Nicholas, and d. Hope, both
under age. He never dwelt at Shaomet, Staples says, tho. of the number
of twelve purch. of that territo. an so suffer. very slightly in the
monstrous proceed. against Gorton and his comp. at Warwick 1643.
Yet he is one of the signers of the declar. of their rights, 20 Nov.
1642. Tradit. has been very rich, and, as usual, very false a. this man,
and his s. of the same name. The f. was here to sign the claim of
rights in Nov. 1642, and was one of the purch. with Gorton and the
other misbelievers of Warwick, and was next yr. brot. a prisoner to
Boston, yet the mythical honor makes him to have left Drogheda, "dur in
the siege in 1642, for Surinam, where the fam. had large estates."
Authentic hist. makes the siege of Drogheda a dozen yrs. later. In
favor of the sec. Nicholas, that authority makes his w. "d. of Sir
Zachary R. a Cheshire baronet," but it wisely omits to tell how his title
was acquir. Most curious is the docum. call. his will, made 27 May
1667 (near ten yrs. aft. his d.) by the municip. officers pub. in authentic
form. R. I. Hist. Coll. II. Apx. 14. NICHOLAS, Providence, s. of the
preced. freem. 1655, took engagem. of alleg. 29 Apr. 1670, m. 3 Feb.
1672, Rebecca, d. of Zachary Rhodes, had Hope wh. d. young; and
col. Nicholas, b. 1673, and tradit. tells that he was k. accid. by his own
friends, at the swamp fight, 19 Dec. in Philip's war. His wid. m.
1 Dec. 1676, Daniel Williams. The third Nicholas had m. one of this
name, and no other s. the fourth, a fifth, and the fifth a sixth, ea. without
other male issue; but the mystical number of seven was unhap. not
reach. and the heredita. distinct. has expir. with the riches of Surinam.
WALTER, Malden 1660, m. 11 Mar. 1661, Trial, d. of Ralph Shepard,