Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p376

Volume 3, Page 376

it is said, uniform. spell their name Pabodie. WILLIAM, Boxford,
s. of Francis may be he who Coffin says m. 8 Dec. 1680, Mary, perhaps
d. of Richard Browne, but she prob. liv. not long, and he m. 14 Aug.
1684, Hannah Hale, d. of Thomas, the sec. of Newbury, had Stephen, b.
5 Aug. 1686; Mary, 11 Apr. 1687; Ephraim, 23 Apr. 1689; Richard,
7 Feb. 1691; Hannah, Aug. 1693; John, 1 Aug. 1695; Abiel, 1697;
and Oliver, 7 May 1698, H. C. 1721, the earliest of the fam. in the
Catal. He was freem. 1685, d. Mar. 1699; and his wid. d. 12 Feb.
1733. In 1834, says Farmer, thirteen of the name had been gr. at
Harv. and Dart.

    PEACH, ARTHUR, Plymouth, a young Irishman, wh. came from Virg.
1636, whither he had gone the yr. preced. aged 120, in the Plain Joan
from London, serv. in the Pequot war, tho. "of good parentage and fair
condition," as Winthrop I. 269, tells, was, with exempha. justice, hang.
for a very cowardly murder, with two assoc. in detect. of wh. Roger Williams
gained much credit. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 171-6 Farmer
refers to Increase Mather's Ind. Wars, p. 55, and I can add that Baylies,
I. 245-8 is equal. full and judicious. But in the contempo. hist. of Gov.
Bradford 362-5, the proper study of the case must be sought. GEORGE,
Marblehead 1674, may have been s. of John. See Peache. JOHN, Salem
or Marblehead 1648-79, said to be b. 1612, of wh. Felt finds
ment. 1630, may have been f. of John jr. of M. freem. 1683.

    PEACHE or PEACHY, JOHN, Marblehead 1648, maybe the same as
Peach. THOMAS, Charlestown 1678. Mary perhaps his w. d. 6 Jan.
1691, in 59th yr.

    PEACOCK, JOHN, New Haven 1638, at Milford early, perhaps even
in 1639, certain. 1646, bef. 1650 rem. to Stratford, there d. 1670, in his
will names w. Joyce, no s. and ds. Phebe, w. of Richard Burgess, Mary,
who m. 1673, Benjamin Beach; and Deborah, w. of James Clark.
RICHARD, Roxbury, a glazier, freem. 22 May 1639, by w. Jane had
Samuel, b. 18 Feb. 1640; and Caleb, l, bapt. 13 Mar. 1642; rem. to
Boston, where his w. d. 29 July 1653; and he sold his dwell.ho. at R.
to Daniel Weld. He m. 17 Aug. 1654, wid. Margery Shove, who was
mo. of Rev. George, and bur. form the ho. of her s. 17 Apr. 1680.
SAMUEL, Boston, glazier, s. of the preced. by w. Mary, had Samuel,
b. 2 Jan. 1667; Richard, 22 Jan. 1669; Samuel, again, 26 Mar. 1670;
Hannah, 20 July 1672; Jonathan, 15 Oct. 1673; and Jane, 29 Dec.
1681; and he d. 1691. Admin. of Richard, perhaps s. of Samuel, was
gr. 12 Aug. 1697. WILLIAM, Roxbury 1652, came prob. in the Hopewell,
capt. Bundock, from London, 1635, aged 12 yrs. with such a comp.
of Eliots and Ruggleses, that he may be well thought to have sprung
from Nazing or some neighb. parish to Stanstead in the border of Hertfordsh.