Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p338


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Volume 3, Page 338

Judith, 400. a lib. allow. for s. John, to six ch. of Simon Eyre, dec. viz.:
Benjamin, Mary, Rebecca, Christian, Ann, and Dorothy, £5 ea. and to
Simon, wh. was older than most of them, £5. (from this I conject. as
also from being fellow-passeng. that the w. of Eyre was sis. of this testator);
to my sis. Page £3 per an. and to her ch. John, Samuel, Elizabeth
Mary, and Phebe, £5 ea.; to ch. of my sis. Hammond, John, Elizabeth and
Hannah, £5. ea.; to my kinswo. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Howse, £10, to two
ds. of my cous. John Tall, 40s. ea.; s.-in-law Samuel Appleton, £10.;
William Howard, £15; Jeremiah Belcher, 40s; Anthony Stoddard,
£10.; Christopher Clark, £10.; Joseph Taintor, £10.; Oliver Purchase,
£10.; to an Ind. serv. 40s. yearly; to the free sch. at Ipswich his ld. at
Jeffrys neck; to the coll. at Cambr. £20. as a stock forever, and to
friends in the min. Norton, Wilson, Sherman, Brown, Cobbett, Fiske,
Phillips, and Mayo, 40s. ea. WILLIAM, Salem, shoemaker, may be that
passeng. in the Abigail, 1635, aged 15, and at S. to Elizabeth perhaps his w.
or mo. Felt says gr. of ld. was made 1640, and he was prob. the freem.
of 1650, d. a. 1660. WILLIAM, New Haven 1667, perhaps br. of John,
was freem. 1669, had, by w. whose name is not seen, Mercy, wh. m. 9
June 1664, John Frost; Elizabeth wh. m. 11 Oct. 1666, Thomas Sanford; and
John, bef. ment. Late in life, he m. Nov. 1679, Mary, wid. of Francis Brown,
and his inv. was of 11 Jan. 1685. WILLIAM, Boston s. of Tobias, by w. Mary
had William, bapt. 24 Nov. 1695; Tobiah, 27 June 1697; and Sarah, 16
July 1699, at the 2d ch. that of the Mathers; but as he was next winter
one of the found. of the Brattle st. ch. perhaps others were bapt. there.
He d. 11 June 1735. Twenty of this name had been in 1827 gr. at
Harv. and above half as many more at other N. E. coll. besides not a
small number, spelling Payne; but I could not discrimin. the fams. and
had it been in my power, there would have no benefit foll. because sev.
have used both forms. Of Arthur, ment. by Farmer, as rec. into
Boston ch. 1639, I have the utmost confidence that it belongs to Perry,
only one Arthur occurr. in adm. of memb. in that yr.

    PAINTER, SHUBAEL, Westerly, perhaps s. of Thomas, with him among
earliest sett. there 1661. THOMAS, Hingham 1637, rem. perhaps to
Providence, at least Roger Williams gives him deed of a lot there,
among home lots; but he was aft. at Boston, by w. Catharine, wh. d.
1641, had Elizabeth William, and Thomas, wh. all d. betw. 30 Sept. 1639
and 24 Apr. foll. says the town rec. wh. may so far be true, but ano.
Thomas was by the ch. rec. bapt. 13 Sept. 1640, the f. being adm. 5
preced. and freem. 12 Oct. 1640, rem. to Charlestown, New Haven,
Rowley, and back to Hingham bef. 1644, there had ano. w. and ch. and
suffered severly for unwilling. to bring the ch. to bapt. as told in Winthrop
II. 174. So I think he rem. next to Providence, thence again to Newport,
bef. 1655, when his name is enroll. among the freem. and prob. his
last rem. was to Westerly with its first sett. in 1661. THOMAS,
Westerly 1669, perhaps s. of the preced. and one of the name was