Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p304


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Volume 3, Page 304

    OAKLEY, was the name of a wid. prob. Sarah, at Charlestown, wh.
unit. with the ch. 30 Aug. 1634, but who was her h. or whether he d.
on the voyage, or this side of the water is unkn. yet Frothingham, 84,
shows her resid. was allow. and on 14 Feb. 1644, an Elizabeth Oakley, perhaps
her d. m. at Boston, Edmund Brown.

    OAKMAN, ELIAS, Scarborough 1666, perhaps s. of Samuel, m. Joanna,
d. of Andrew Alger, had Elias, b. 21 Apr. 1680, as is rec. in Boston.
His wid. m. John Mills. SAMUEL, Scarborough, on 13 July 1658,
acknowl. alleg. to Mass. under his hand (by affix. his mark); had Samuel,
and, perhaps, Elias, was selectman 1679, and d. next yr. It is
print. Gakman in Geneal. Reg. V. 264.

    OATES, JOHN, is the name of a soldier in Moseley's comp. Sept. 1675,
k. by the Ind.

    OBBINSON, WILLIAM, Boston 1675, a tanner, is of unkn. derivat. may
have been that yr. driven in by the Ind. war from some outlying settlem.
had w. Mary but no ch. and he with his will 11 May 1704, gave their est.
to Paul, then eldest surv. s. of the Gov. Joseph Dudley; but I can
assign no cause for such generosity.

    OBER, RICHARD, Salem 1668, Beverly 1679, m. Abigail, d. of Nicholas
Woodbury of B. had Hezekiah, b. 1681; Ann, Richard, 1684; and
Nicholas, 1686. Farmer says this name, writ. sometimes Obear, prevails
near Beverly, and is found in New Hampsh. In the Watertown
rec. Dr. Bond finds a name Orbear,THOMAS, with variations, Obear,
and Ober, for wh. he suggests Hobart, with which I cannot agree, but
this sett. by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 8 Aug. 1640; and Judith, 15 Mar.

    OCKINGTON or OKINGTON, SAMUEL, Watertown, may have been f.
of that Mary O. wh. m. 30 Mar. 1692, Edward Harrington, but nothing
is kn. of him. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Mary had Matthias, b. 1 Jan.
1667; and Mary, 7 Sept. 1669.

    ODELL or ODLE, JOHN, Fairfield 1664, perhaps s. of William the
first, freem. 1665. REGINALD, Boston, by w. Priscilla had Reginald, b.
20 Jan. 1687; Samuel, 29 Jan. 1688, d. soon; Thomas, 8 Apr. 1690;
Samuel, again, 20 Aug. 1695; and William, 19 July 1697. WILLIAM,
Concord 1639, Apr. brot. w. and ch. from Eng. had there James, b. 2
Jan. 1640, d. next yr.; and Rebecca, 17 July 1642, rem. to Southampton,
L. I. that yr. and soon aft. to Fairfield, in 1670 was call. sen.
WILLIAM, Greenwich, perhaps s. of the preced. in 1681 was aged 47.

    ODERIC, JOHN, Salem, d. 30 Dec. 1660, was, perhaps, only trans.
visit for his inv. of �41, 5, 11, was tak. 12 Dec. foll. and no relat. is

    ODIORNE, JOHN, Newcastle 1660, of gr. jury 1686, d. 1707. JOTHAM