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Volume 3, Page 303

William and Mary, under dictation of Increase Malther, left him out, as
he was sent with Elisha Cooke to London, agents for the Col. to indicate
their rights under the old chart. He was speaker of the Ho. again,
1705 and 6, but rem. prob. to gratify his s. Josiah, to Cape Cod; yet at
Boston, his w. Martha, d. 19 Apr. 1719, aged 70; and he d. 15 July foll.
at Eastham. Perhaps that Urian O. wh. Judge Sewall bur. 5 Oct.
1694, with prefix of respect, may have been his s. John Dunton speaks
very highly of him. THOMAS, Malden, s. of the first Thomas, carr. to
M. by his mo. when she m. Samuel Hayward, m. 22 May 1689, Sarah
d. of Peter Tufts, had Thomas, b. 2 Apr. 1690; Sarah, 23 May 1694;
Lydia, 27 Nov. 1697; Uriah, 22 June 1700; Mary, 14 May 1702;
Hannah, 28 Feb. 1705; Elizabeth 20 May 1707; Jonathan, 6 Oct. 1709
and Abigail, 24 Dec. 1714; was freem. 1690, and d. Sept. 1732. His
wid. d. July 1749. URIAN, Cambridge, s. of the first Edward, b. in
Eng. a. 1631 or 2, pub. an Almanac for 1650, went home, and obt.
a situat. in the ch. the fine liv. of Titchfield, in Hants, 78 miles from
London, m. as is said, Ruth, d. of famous William Ames, aft. eject.
in 1662, and his w. d. 1669, he came again to C. but not bef. 1671, and
was install. 8 Nov. 1671, to fill the place of matchless Mitchell, freem.
1672, and in Apr. 1675, chos. presid. of the coll. as success. to Dr. Hoar.
How to construe the dark sayings of Cotton Mather in Book IV. 129 of
the Magn. without indulg. of some suspicion against O. puzzled the late
Presid. Quincy in his great Hist. of the Univ. and when we rememb.
that a very short interval aft. the d. of Oakes, the greater Mather was
call. to stand in his place, and that the lesser Mather was under Hoar
and Oakes at the time of their academic. rule, we may suppose that the
oracle was, as often happened, ambiguously inspired. Some tenderness
may, however, be yield. to the Ecclesiast. Histor. for he did not feel as
if call by a Ct. of justice, under oath, to tell the whole truth. Silence
was safety to hims. and superiors. What the learned s. of Increase
meant by his phrase, about new election, 2 Feb. 1680, is of little consequence,
for the presid. d. 25 July 1681, under 50 yrs. of age. Some
obscurity also attaches to our kn. of his fam. Prob. he m. in Eng. and
there. had ch. two, three, four, or more; but when b. who was the mo.
how many were brot. over the ocean, whether his w. d. bef. or aft. are
unansw. questions. That his d. Hannah m. 2 Sept. 1680, Rev. Samuel
Angier, and was his only d. seems clear; but the town rec. helps to incr.
our vexation, as it tells the d. of Lawrence O. bachelor of arts, 13 June
1679, aged 18, and of Urian O. 3 Nov. foll. for we kn. there was no
such bach. and are left to conject. that the honora. title belongs to Urian,
H. C. 1678, who d. at 22 yrs. that Lawrence was an undergrad. and that
both were s. of the presid. Of the gr. of 1679, Edward, too, doubts on
more than one point would at this late day be not easy of solution.