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Volume 3, Page 302

Sandwich, s. prob. of Benjamin, m. 17 Dec. 1675, Sarah Gibbes, and I
suspect error in Col. Rec. wh. tells that his d. Bethia was b. 5 Oct. 1675.
JOHN, Sandwich, perhaps br. of Ebenezer, had Benjamin, b. 25 Nov.
1673; John, 22 Nov. 1675; Abigail, 18 Apr. 1678; Experience, 16
Dec. 1682, Hannah, 19 June 1685; Ebenezer, 23 Sept. 1687; and
Peleg, 12 Nov. 1689. Of this last, Esther was mo. and may have been
of the preced. NATHAN, Sandwich, perhaps s. of Benjamin, had Remembrance,
b. 28 Feb. 1687.

    OAKES, EDWARD, Cambridge, freem. 18 May 1642, brot. from Eng.
w. Jane and ch. Urian, H. C. 1649; and Edward; had here Mary; and
Thomas, H. C. 1612, this last b. 18 June 1644, both bapt. at C. was lieut.
of Prentice's comp. in Philip's war, selectman 26 yrs. betw. 1643 and 78,
rep. 15 yrs. betw. 1659 and 82, and of Concord 1684, where he d. 13
Oct. 1689. Mary m. 12 Nov. 1667, Col. John Flint of Concord. EDWARD,
Cambridge, prob. s. of Urian, H. C. 1679, preach. a yr. aft. 1683 at
Branford and New London, but bef. Sept. 1685, withdrew, as we
learn from Caulkins's Hist. and no more, not even the yr. his d.
is kn. but he was d. bef. the Catal. of 1698, pr. in the Magn.
GEORGE, Lynn 1654, had George; John, b. 30 July 1664; Mary, 18
Oct. 1666; Richard, 16 Dec. 1668; Sarah, 15 Mar. 1671; and Elizabeth 25
Jan. 1674, and d. July 1688. Lewis gives the name of w. Jennet, but
counts the number of ch. five, yet is liberal eno. to give these names.
NATHANIEL, Marlborough 1686, m. Mehitable, d. of John Rediat.
RICHARD, Boston, had gr. of a lot a. 1635, wh. he did not improve, perhaps
went home. SAMUEL, Boston, freem. 1690. SIMON, nam. in Hist.
of Cambridge, by Dr. Holmes, as a propr. in 1632, is prob. mistak. for ano.
person, Sacket. THOMAS, Cambridge, br. of the first Edward, freem. 18 May
1642, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 3 Nov. 1646, d. young; Thomas, 5 Nov. 1648,
d. at 2 mos.; Elizabeth again, 26 May 1650; Hannah, 4 May 1657; prob.
Mary, wh. d. Aug. 1659; and Thomas, posthum. 18, bapt. 20 Mar.
1659, to wh. the f. in his will of 12 Sept. 1658, left double portion; and
made his wid. extrix. and d. bef. pro. (of course) of his will, 23 Dec.
1658, tho. town rec. says Aug. 1659. She m. Apr. 1661, Seth Sweetzer
of Charlestown; and next m. Samuel Hayward of Malden, wh. she
outliv. and in her will of 11 May 1686, pro. 5 May 1687, takes
notice of the portion of personal est. that came to her from her first h.
wh. she gives to d. Abigail that she bore to Hayward, with condition
that if it be more than L20, Samuel, s. of her late h. by former w. should
have 20s. Elizabeth m. 12 July 1670, Lemuel Jenkins; and Hannah, m. 7
Aug. 1672, Joseph Waite, both of Malden. THOMAS, Boston, s. of
the first Edward, a physician, by w. Martha had James, b. 30 Oct. 1687;
and Josiah, 3 May 1689, H. C. 1708, min. of Eastham, was rep. 1689,
speaker the same yr. an Assist. next yr. and until the new Chatt. when