Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p30


Volume 3, Page 30

near that time in the yr. the count. is easi. mistak. in rec. He may be
the same as the preced. I think. A Samuel, perhaps his s. was b. 1662,
and in the next generat. of Bridgewater, m. Mary, d. of John Washburn.
STEPHEN, Dorchester, perhaps br. of John, freem. 13 May 1640,
rep; 1650, rem. to Braintree, there had Mary, b. 30 Aug. 1640; ord. rul.
Eld. of the ch. that was gather. 17 Sept. 1639. He rem. final. to Milton,
was rep. 1666, and in his will of 27 May, pro. 3 July foll. in 1673,
provides for s. John, three s.-in-law, Henry Crane, Anthony Gulliver,
and Robert Mason, beside a s. and two ds. ch. of his s. Samuel,
prob. dec.

    KINGSNOTH or KINGSWORTH, HENRY, Guilford 1639, sign. the
cov. for settlem. of 1 June, m. Mary, d. of John Stevens of the same; d.
1668, his will was of 31 July, and inv. tak. 4 Nov. of that yr. To s. of
his br. Daniel, of Staplehurst in Kent, was giv. his est. and his wid. m. 2
June 1669, John Collins as his sec. w.

    KINGSMILL, WILLIAM, a Quaker, punish. at Boston with 15 stripes,
wh. did not, however it might reasonab. be anticipat. prevent him from
renounc. his errors.

    KINNICUT. See Kennicut.

    KINSMAN or KINGSMAN, ROBERT, Ipswich 1635, came the yr.
preced. in the Mary and John, had soon aft. a gr. of ld. m. a d. of
Thomas Boreman, and d. Jan. 1665. ROBERT, Ipswich, s. of the
preced. freem. 1674, m. Rebecca, eldest d. of Andrew Burley of the
same, was a warm oppon. of Andros, rep. 1692. Revo. in N. E.
Justif. 14.

    KIPPEN or KIPPINS. See Kibby.

    KIRBY, HENRY, a soldier, 1676, serv. in Turner's comp. on Conn. riv.
wh. may be the Salem freem. 1677, spell. in the list Kirrey, unless, as
seems more prob. that be intend. for Skerry. JOHN, Middletown,
whither Dr. Field thot. he rem. from Boston, and Hinman made him of
Hartford 1645; but be� the sett. of M. he had been at H. and Wethersfield,
and at Plymouth 1643; had Elizabeth b. at Hartford, 8 Sept. 1646;
and at Wethersfield, Hannah, 1649; John, and Eunice, tw. 18 Dec.
1651; Sarah, 1653; Joseph, 17 July 1656; Bethia, 19 Feb. 1659;
Susanna, 3 May 1664; and Abigail, 6 Mar. 1666. He own. an
est. at Rowington, near Kenilworth in Warwicksh. His s. John
was k. by the Ind. 1676; and he d. Apr. 1677, his will bears
date 6, and was pro. 27 of that mo. He left wid. Elizabeth and ch.
Mary, then w. of Emanuel Buck, aged 32; Hannah, w. of Thomas
Andrews, 27; Esther, w. of Benajah Stone, 25; Sarah, w. of Samuel
Hubbard, 23; Joseph, 21; Bethia, 18; Susanna, 13; and Abigail, 11;
beside Elizabeth w. of David Sage, wh. was dec. Susanna m. Abraham
Cruttenden. JOSEPH, Middletown, only surv. s. of the preced. went to
Carolina, but at the end of some yrs. came home poor, bad lawsuit with
other heirs a. est. of his f. RICHARD, Lynn, rem. 1637 to Sandwich,
by w. Jane had Increase, and prob. Abigail, tw. b. Feb. 1650, of wh.
Abigail was bur. the same, and Increase, the next mo. and the mo. and