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Volume 3, Page 265

83 yrs. SAMUEL, a soldier on Conn. riv. under capt. Turner in 1676,
was from Braintree, s. of Henry, m. 18 Apr. 1678, Abigail, d. of James
Penniman, and, perhaps liv. in New Hampsh. in 1690, pray. for jurisdict.
of Mass. WALTER, Portsmouth, came early in 1630, by the Warwick,
as Gov. of the planta. of Gorges and Mason, went home in Aug. 1633,
sail. from Boston 13th of that mo. aft. being above ten days there.
Both his coming and going, therefore, from this shore, is to a sober man
satisfact. proof of the falsity of the gr. Ind. deed to Wheelwright of 17
May 1629, seven yrs. bef. the grantee came, and one yr. bef. this witness
arr. Much stronger, even, is the evid. of forgery of a letter, pretend. to
be of Neal and Wiggin, to the patentee John Mason, 13 Aug. 1633, wh.
by the managers of the fraud, intend. for a buttress of the splendid
grant. That letter purports to be writ. at Northam, wh. was the
complimenta. name some yrs. later, for Dover, on the Piscataqua, when
we kn. from p. 107 of Vol. I. of the Hist. by Gov. Winthrop that on that
same day Neal was at Boston, and had been above a week, with a comp.
of eight friends, to embark in the Elizabeth Bonadventure that sail. for
Eng. on 15 of that month; and from p. 115 of the same Vol. that
Wiggin was in London on the date of that forgery of the prepostr.
letter, embarking at Gravesend for Salem, the very day that Neal left
Boston for Eng. In the assiduity of Farmer no further acco. is reach.
but he thinks WALTER of N. H. 1660, who by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 14
June 1661, and was in 1673, lieut. in the comp. of wh. James Pendleton
was capt. might have been his s. He join. most of his neighb. in desir.
jurisdict. of Mass. 1690.

    NEAVE, MARGARET, Salem, came from Yarmouth, in Co. Norf'k 1637,
a wid. aged 58, with Rachel Dickson, in the Mary Ann, and ten
yrs. aft. join. the ch. I presume this is the same person, that d. 1 June 1658,
at Salem, but, in Essex Inst. II. 299, call. Neare.

    NEEDHAM, ANTHONY, Salem, m. 10 Jan. 1656, with w. Ann, only
ch. of Humprey Potter, had Rebecca, b. 21 Dec. foll.; Ann, 31 Aug. 1658;
Elizabeth 1 Dec. 1659; Provided, 12 Apr. 1661; Anthony, 11 Apr. 1663; Mary,
30 Apr. 1665; George, 26 Mar. 1667; Isaac, 15 Apr. 1669; Abigail, 31 May
1671; Thomas, 25 July 1673; Dorothy, 25 Aug. 1675; and Rachel, 17 Mar.
1678. He and w. were charg. as Quakers 1658, he then 30 yrs. old, and the
w. aft. being oft. fined for abs. from publ. worsh. in vain, was in June 1660,
sentenc. to be whip. twelve stripes. Yet these perverse worshipers have no
small claims on our kind regard, at least for their long contin. lives, both
acting in 1696, and he in 1705, beside good success in rear. ch. for we see
by deed of 1 Jan. 1730, that Anthony, Isaac, Thomas, Rebecca, Hannah, Elizabeth
Mary, Abigail, and Rachel should enjoy the est. of their mo. Rebecca m. Jan.
1676, Michael Chapleman. DANIEL, Lynn, s. of Edmund, m. 24 Feb. 1659
(Lewis strange. says 1673) Ruth, Chadwell, had Daniel, b. 19 Feb. 1665;
Judith, 24 June 1667; Ezekiel, 13 May 1670; Mary, 28 Nov. 1672;
Elizabeth 1 Feb. 1675; Edmund, 17 Sept. 1677; Daniel and Ruth, tw. 23
Feb. 1680, of wh. Ruth d. at 2 mos.; was freem. 1691. EDMUND,
Lynn 1639, one of the grantees of Southampton next yr. but prob. went