Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p184


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Volume 3, Page 184

same day; John, again, 23 Nov. 1686; Samuel, 8 Jan. 1689, d. at 8
yrs.; Ebenezer, 19 Oct. 1692; Prudence, 29 Nov. 1694; Hezekiah, 14
Dec. 1696; Sarah, 29 Oct. 1698; Nehemiah, 28 June 1701; Mehitable,
27 Feb. 1703; Eleazer, 9 July 1705; and Benjamin, 1 Mar.
1708; was freem. 1690, a deac. and his descend. are very wide. diffus.
Fam. tradit. antedat. his b. seven yrs. and gave him 7 s. 4 ds. His w.
d. 26 Sept. 1723, and he d. 24 Feb. 1730. JONATHAN, Hingham, m.
Nov. 1686, Sarah, d. of John Langley of the same, had Mary, b. 3 Nov.
1687, and no more. He d. of smallpox, 22 Nov. 1690, a soldier in the
lamenta. expedit. of Phips against Quebec. SAMUEL, Roxbury, s. of
the first John, b. in Eng. freem. 1660, m. 7 June 1657, Abigail Stansfull
if the copy of rec. furnish. me spell correct. so strange a name, had
Abigail, b. 22, bapt. 29 May 1659; Jonathan, 4, bapt. 7 Feb. 1664;
Joanna, 7, bapt. 11 Mar. 1666; Eleazer, 6, bapt. 8 Mar. 1668; John,
17, bapt. 19 June 1670; Gideon, 25 Jan. bapt. 4 Feb. 1672, d. in few
wks.; and Experience, a d. 28, bapt. 31 Aug. 1673; and he d. 17 July
1677. THOMAS, Malden, one of Moseley's comp. in 1675 for Narraganset
campaign. Four of the name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv.
and eight at other N. E. coll.

    MAYBEE, HENRY, Newtown, L.I. 1656. Thompson. NICHOLAS,
Windsor, was bur. 1 Mar. 1667, with very small est. and neither w.
nor ch.

    MAYER, HENRY, Boston, butcher, by w. Alice had Joseph, b. 13 Mar.
1686; and by w. Hannah had Patience, 17 May 1698. ROBERT, Boston,
by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 16 Sept. 1683. THOMAS, Hingham
1638, came from Co. Norf.'k that yr. in the Diligent.

    MAYFIELD, JOHN, Lynn, m. Rebecca, d. of Godfrey Armitage of the
same, had Benoni, b. Mar. 1666.

    MAYHEW, JOHN, Chilmark, s. of the sec. Thomas, labor. all his
short life in teach. the Ind. chiefly on the Vineyard, d. 3 Feb. 1689, in
37th yr. leav. s. Experience to carry on the work on larger scale, b.
1674, d. 29 Nov. 1758, wh. m. 12 Nov. 1695, at Barnstable, Thankful,
of Gov. Hinckley, and f. of an illustr. line, Joseph, H. C. 1730;
Nathan, H. C. 1731; Zechariab, a missiona. to the lnd. wh. d. 6 Mar.
1806 in 89th yr.; and Jonathan, H. C. 1744, one of the most disting.
divines of our country, premature. tak. from his serv. at the age of 44
by d. at Boston 9 July 1766. JOHN, New London, mariner, was from
Devonsh. m. 25 Dec. 1676, Joanna, d. of Jeffrey Christophers, had
John, b. 15 Dec. 1677; Wait, 4 Oct. 1680; Elizabeth 8 Feb. 1688; Joanna;
Mary; and Patience; and d. 1696. His s. John serv. as one of the
pilots for the fleet of Sir Hovenden Walker, in the abortive expedit.
1711, against Quebec, and was sent to Eng. to give evid. of the cause of