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Volume 3, Page 185

its failure, should any inquiry ever be instit. See Hutch. II. 197.
THOMAS, Watertown, b. early in 1591, came in the Griffin, 1633, if
we might so infer from the fact of his tak. hix o. as freem. 14 May 1634,
when Gov. Haynes and Gov. Brenton, besides Cotton, Hooker, and
Stone, passeng. in that ship were adm. But that infer. would be wrong,
for in Col. Rec. 95, is a report sign. by him and two other gent. for
sett. out the bounds betw. Watertown and the new town, 6 Mar. 1632,
and in July 1633, he was appoint. admor. of Ralph Glover, while
Cotton and fellow passeng. did not arr. bef Sept. next, so that he must
have been here in 1631, and he serv. as a merch. at Southampton, Eng.
as Bond relates, and here as rep. 1636-44 exc. 42, was active in trade,
first at Medford, aft. at W. but was induced to rem. to the Vineyard a.
1647, where he was propr.'s Gov. and preacher to the Ind. above 33 yrs. d.
1681, six days only bef. being 90 yrs. old. It is indistinc. pronounc. by
tradit. that first w. h. d. in Eng. had been Martha Parkhurst, and sec.
was prob. brot. with him, Grace, wid. of Thomas Paine, of London, and
by her he had Hannah, b. 15 June 1635; Bethia, 6 Dec. 1636; and
Mary, 14 Jan. 1640. It is not kn. that he had any s. but Thomas wh.
he, as b. of the. former w. brot. from Eng. but some uncert. is felt as to
the relat. of f. and I do not concur with Bond, 857, in mak. Jane the
last w. of Thomas the elder, but think her wid. of the s. nor do I
believe that it was the s. wh. was, in 1647, chos. by Thomas Paine,
then 15 yrs. old, as, with his w. Grace, guardians for him. THOMAS, s.
of the preced. b. in Eng. serv. with his f. at the Vineyard, being the
first min. bef. went to Eng. m. Jane Paine, perhaps d. of Grace, w. of his
f. had Matthew, a teacher of much celebr. in the Ind. cause, wh. d. 1710;
Thomas, wh. was a judge; and John, bef. ment. He was on board of
that ship of wh. Garrett was master, from Boston to London in Nov.
1657, with Davis, Ince, and Pelham, young scholars, the hope of the
country, fellow passeng. never heard of, so proper. lament by Gookin,
as in his Hist. Coll. may be read. He sail. from B. the same day in
ano. ship for London. His wid. Jane m. Richard Sarson.

    MAYNARD, DAVID, Westbury, s. of sec. John of Sudbury, by w.
Hannah, wh. d. 1725, had Keziah, b. 1703; David, 1704; Ruhamah,
1706; Jonathan, 1708; Martha, 1710, Jesse, 1712; Jotham, 1714;
Ebenezer, 1716; Nathan; Hannah, and Mercy; and he d. a. 1757.
JOHN, Cambridge 1634, rem. to Hartford, there was exempt, 1646, from
watch, prob. for infirm. m. aft. May 1648, Edith, wid. of Robert Day,
whose s. John rec. the prop. of Maynard by his will, as he had no ch.
and d. not long aft. JOHN, Duxbury 1643. JOHN, Sudbury 1640, an
orig. propr. freem. 1664, was one of the petitnrs. for gr. of Marlborough
in 1656, and d. 10 Dec. 1672. He had two ws. if not more; by first