Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p179


Volume 3, Page 179

Joseph, Consider, and John ea. had fam. at Westfield, but in 1719, a
few yrs. bef. his d. Joseph rem. to Glastonbury. RICHARD, Boston,
perhaps br. perhaps s. of Henry, m. Mary, d. of Simon Eyre the first,
had only Martha, wh. it is said, m. John Ruggle, but wh. of the sev. bear.
that name, or when the f. of this w. or her h. was b. is almost beyond guess.
SAMUEL, Dorchester, s. of Henry, a cooper, rem. early to Boston, and in the
way of trade visit. Jamaica and other parts of the W. I. where the adventurous
spirit was excited and schooled, perhaps by Sir Henry Morgan and associate
buccaneers, the result of wh. was, his bring. home to Boston two prizes
from some unment. enemy. An explanat. of this may be, that the
prizes (wh. were command. by Dutchmen) had been engag. in irreg. or
piratical business. He m. Ann, eldest d. of the first Isaac Addington,
and sis. of the Hon. Isaac, had Samuel, b. 18 Apr. 1671; Rebecca,
1673; and Mary. He was a capt. in Philip's war, showed gallant
spirit, had great success in destroy. the Ind. by some was thot. to take
too great delight in that exercise, and d. Jan. 1680. The s. d. young,
and the wid. in 1684 contemplat. m. with Nehemiah Pierce, made deed
of trust in favor of the ds. of wh. Rebecca m. 22 Jan. 1695, James
Townsend, and Mary m. William Webster of Boston. THOMAS, Dorchester,
s. of the first John, m. 28 Oct. 1658, Mary, d. of Thomas Lawrence
of Hingham
, had prob. that John, wh. the rec. says d. 27 Oct.
1661, unless Increase were earlier; Mary, b. 31 Dec. 1660, d. 4 Dec.
next yr.; Thomas, 12 Mar. 1667, wh. d. 12 Apr. 1749; Elizabeth 19 Feb.
1669; Unite, 5 May 1671, wh. was a soldier in Withington's comp. for
the crusade against Quebec 1690; Ebenezer, 4 Sept. 1673; John, 9 Apr.
1676; Nathaniel, 28 Oct. 1678; and Joseph, 17 Apr. 1681; and d. 22
Oct. 1706. His will of 4 Oct. preced. names Increase, s. of his eldest dec.
s. Increase. The wid. a. Apr. 1723. The name was spell. with many
variat. as Mawdesly, Modesly, Madesly, but long has been fixed at Moseley,
yet liable to be much mistak. as in Geneal. Reg. VI. 268, print. Moreley.

    MAULE or MAULD, EDWARD, Salem, d. 15 Nov. 1686. THOMAS,
Salem 1669, a shopkeep. from Eng. came, he says in his book, via Barbadoes,
was whip. for ill words, being Quaker, in May of that yr. m. 22 July 1670,
Naomi Lindsay; perhaps as sec. w. had Mary, d. of George Keyser of the
, and in 1695 punish. again, for "Truth held forth,
great fondness for Salem, and in his will, a. 1723, left a bequest to its use,
of wh. part was to be applied to support the writing-school. He had Susanna,
b. 15 Sept. 1671; Elizabeth 11 Sept. 1673; Deliverance, 21 Oct. 1675, d. next yr.;
Sarah, 17 Sept. 1677; Margaret, 20 Mar. 1680; Pelatiah, 10 May 1682; beside
s. John, 9 Oct. 1684; and Joseph, 16 Feb. 1687, wh. d. next yr. and third
w. Sarah, wh. surv.

    MAURY. See Morey.

    MAVERICK, ANTIPAS, Isle of Shoals 1617, attend. bef. Commissrs. of
Mass. and submit. to her jurisdict. Nov. 1652, was of the gr. jury of
the Col. 1654, was d. bef. 24 Apr. 1682, when adm. of his est. was gr.
to Edward Gilman and Stephen Paul, in behalf of their ws. His d.
Abigail m. Edward Gilman. ELIAS, Charlestown 1632, was of the
ch. in Feb. of next yr. and freem. 11 June, liv. at Winnesemet, then pt.