Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p178


Volume 3, Page 178

PHILIP, a soldier from the E. part of the Col. in the spring of 1676,
was in Turners comp. and took part in the Falls fight, then sett. at
Springfield, m. Sarah, d. of John Hawkes of Hadley, had Margaret, b.
1678; Philip, 1680; John, 1682; Isaac, 1684; Sarah, 1687; rem. to
Deerfie}d, there had Eleazer, 1689; Gershom, 1690; Nathaniel, 1693;
Ebenezer, 1695; and Mary, posthum. 1697. He d. 30 Dec. 1696, and
his wid. m. Daniel Belden, as third w. and d. 17 Dec. 17O1, in 95th yr.
Of his s. Philip, with w. Rebecca, d. of Godfrey Nims, and only ch.
were k. at the sec. destruct. of D. by the Ind. and Fr. 29 Feb. 1704;
John sett. at Wallingford; Isaac and Nathaniel at Northfield; Eleazer
at Amherst, but was first at N.; and Gershom at Lebanon; Ebenezer
d. at 21 yrs. The late Hon. Ebenezer, Dart. Coll. 1776, was gr.s. of
Eleazer. RICHARD or ROBERT, Exeter, prob. s. of Hubertus, sw.
fidel. 14 July 1657, m. Jane, d. of Edward Hilton junr. was k. by the
Ind. 23 July 1706, with his s. Hubertus. Belkn. I. 172.

    MAUDE, DANIEL, Boston, came in the James, from Bristol, 1635, in
comp. with Richard Mather, was bred at Emanuel, Cambr. where he
had his A. B. 1606, and A. M. 1610, kept the sch. for some yrs. join to
our ch. 25 Oct. 163O, freem. 25 May foll. yet without prefix of respect;
for sec. w. m. Mary Bonner, a wid. with four ch. went to Dover, there
was first min. on sett. found. 1642 to his d. in 1655. His will was of 17
Jan. in that yr. He left no ch. by either of his ws.

    MAUDSLEY, HENRY, Braintree, came in the Hopewell, capt. Babb,
in the autumn of 1635, aged 24, had Mary, b. 29 Sept. 1638; Samuel,
14 June 1641; and, perhaps, otbers; ar. co. 1643; freem. 1646; we
kn. not the name of his w. nor any more item. Dr. Harris claims him
for Dorchester 1630, but without suffic. warrant, that I can discov. yet
he had gr. of a houselot 1637. JOHN, Dorchester, freem. 14 Mar.
1639, by w. Elizabeth had Joseph, b. 1638, as print. in Geneal. Reg. V. 244,
tho. I think the s. call. Joseph in the rec. may have been John; and
whether any more, or when that w. d. is unkn.; d. 1661, bef. 4 Oct.
the date of his inv. but by w. Cicely's will of 28 Nov. foll. are nam. s.
John, d. Elizabeth and s. Thomas. This Cicely, wh. may seem to be the
same as w. Elizabeth d. 3 Dec 1661. JOHN, Windsor, s. of the preced. m.
10 or 14 Dec. 1664, Mary, d. of Benjamin Newbury, had Benjamin, b.
13 Oct. 1666; Margaret, 4 Feb. 1668, d. young,; Joseph, 21 Dec. 1670;
Mary, 3 May 1673; and Consider, 21 Nov. 1675; was freem. 1666,
lieut. in Philip's war, rem. to Westfield 1677, bec. freem. of Mass. May
1678, there had John, 21 Aug. 1678, d. at 12 yra; Comfort. 8 Dec.
1680; Margaret, again, 22 May 1683; Elizabeth 17 Nov. 1685; Hannah, 3
Apr. 1690, wh. d. 1708; and he went back to Windsor, there d. 18 Aug.
1690. All the five s. were liv. 1706; but Comfort d. 1711. Benjamin,