Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p177


Volume 3, Page 177

All Souls, Oxf. came to Boston, in a sh. from Barnstable, 21 Sept. 1638,
and his w. Catharine join. to our ch. 6 Feb. foll. He preach. at Yarmouth
1639 to 43, for in Aug. of this latter yr. his w. was dism. from
our ch. to that of Y.; was adm. freem. of Plymouth Col. 1641, had
Manasseh, bapt. 24Jan. 1641, by Lothrop, at Barnstable, but came to
Hull a. 1644; some yrs. later taught at Malden, where his troubles are
copious. detail. by Frothingham, in Hist. of Charlestown; he had there
been ord. but, against the good will of the hearers, he was forced to depart,
was then employ. at Lynn and other places, finally went home, and
Calamy says he d. at his nat. place, a. 1683. MORDECAI, H. C. 1655,
was, I presume, s. of the preced. and, as no more is heard of him, prob.
he went to Eng. ROGER, Dorchester, had gr. of ld. Feb. 163O, but
prob. soon rem. SAMUEL, Jamaica, L. I. 1656. Thompson. WALTER,
Isle of Shoals, s. of Francis, was constable there 1658, rem. to Dover,
had w. Mary, and d. 1678, leav. s. Samuel, ds. Susanna Young and
Mary Senter. His will of 15 Apr. was pro. 23 June, as Mr. Quint finds.
WILLIAM, Branford, had Elizabeth b. 27 Dec. 1672; Caleb; Thomas; and
William; and his will, of 14 Apr. 1684, ment. ano. ch.

    MATTHEWSON, JAMES, is by Farmer, put into the list of earliest
sett. of R. I. but I have found nothing to add, exc. that at Providence he
took the engagem. of alleg. to Charles Il. in May 1666, and prob. had
Ruth, wh. m. 1 Apr. 1686, Benjamin Whipple. JOSEPH, wh. m. 19
Feb. 1715, Sarah, d. of the sec. Valentine Whitman
[2], is call. s. of Daniel.
Yet wh. Daniel was, or where he liv. I find not.

    MATTOCKS, DAVID, Braintree, freem. 1630, had w. Sarah, and d.
Elizabeth wh. was decrepid, one s. and d. at Roxbury bef. 14 May 1654,
when his inv. was dated, and his d. d. 4 July 1655. The wid. m. 2
May 1656, Thomas Rawlins of Boston. JAMES, Boston, a cooper, came
from Bristol, perhaps bef. 1633 (at least his d. Alice was then w. of Nathaniel
[1], join. the ch. in Feb. 1639, and was made freem. 13 Mar.
foll. Perhaps all his ch. were b. in Eng. In his will, made 21 Jan.
1667, wh. is on the latest page in Vol. I. of Suffk. Reg. he names s.
Samuel, and ds. Alice, w. of John Lewis, wh. had been wid. of Nathaniel[1]
Bishop, and Mary, w. of Samuel Brown, m. 9 July 1 661. RICHARD,
New Haven, m. 2 Mar. 1669, Grace Todd, but it is not certain that he was
resid. long. He had desert. his w. bef. 1686, when her f. d. SAMUEL,
Boston, s. of James, m. 30 Mar. 1653, Constance, d. of Richard Fairbanks,
had Samuel, b. 15 Oct. 1659; James, 27 Oct. 1662; Constance,
10 Sept. 1665; Zaccheus, 15 Sept. 1668; John, 14 Sept. 1669; Elizabeth
18 Aug. 1670; Mehitable, 7 Nov. 1672; and Mary, 13 Nor. 1673.
Maddox is very easily confound. with this name, as well as Maddock,
and I dare not, in some cases, disting.

    MATTOON, HUBERTUS or HERBERT, Kittery 1652, when he submit.
to jurisdict. of Mass. prob. rem. to Saco bef. 1683. Folsom, 174.