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Volume 3, Page 170

s. of major John, had w. Elizabeth and ch. Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth and Harriet; was
lieut. in 1673; Assist. in 1683. For the name of the last d. suspicion was
felt, and the fam. geneal. supplies one, Hannah, more consist. with our
fathers� precision. Yet even the dilig. of Chancellor Walworth could not find
the name of the first w. that bore him John, 19 Aug. 1676; Ann; and Sarah;
nor give dates to the ds. The sec. w. Elizabeth Peck of Rehoboth, whose f. I
seek in vain, m. 4 July 1694, had Samuel, 26 Aug. 1695, d. young; Elizabeth
6 May 1697; and Hannah, 14 Apr. 1699. He d. 30 Mar. 1705, and his
m. Gershom Palmer. SAMUEL, Hingham, m. June 1670, Judith
Smith. SAMUEL, Rehoboth, s. prob. of Sampson, m. 2 Mar. 1682, Elizabeth
Miller, had Samuel, b. 9 June 1683. STEPHEN, one of the first couns.
nam. in the new chart. wh. William and Mary allow. Increase Mather to
fill, was a merch. of London, prompt in friendship for us, tho. he never
came to N. E. yet Hutch. II. 15, supposes him "from mere respect and
gratitude" to be insert. At the first elect. our people were not prevented
by respect and gratitude from leav. him out, as they did sev. others of
the creatures of Mather. One Stephen, however, is put into Whitman's
list of ar. co. 1686, but I doubt the correctn. THOMAS, Watertown
[1] perhaps rem. to Hartford bef. 1651, and thence in 1656 to Northampton,
had w. Clemence, and only ch. Samuel, wh. was k. by the Ind. 25
Aug. 1675, and he d. 1 Dec. 1678. His wid. m. 2 Dec. 1679, deac. Thomas
Judd, and d. 22 Nov. 1696. THOMAS, Salem, by w. Christian had Susanna,
b. 22 Aug. 1687, and I see nothing more of him. THOMAS, Dedham 1642,
prob. s. of the first Robert, b. in Eng. m. 23 Apr. 1653, Margery Partridge,
had John, b. 3 Nov. 1655; and Mary, 8 Feb. 1658, liv. in that pt. wh. bec.
Medfield, and was k. by the Ind. 21 Feb. 1676. His ho. was burn. I
presume, at the same time. Sev. of his descend. have been gr. at Harv.
and the number at all the N. E. coll. 1884, was twenty-seven, fourteen
of wh. at H. C. among them Thaddeus, 1728, d; in 92d yr. 1 May 1806.

    MASSEY, JEFFREY, Salem, one of the first mem. of the ch. there, freem.
14 May 1634, was clk. of the market 1642, d. 9 or 25 Nov. 1676, aged a. 84;
had John, b. 1631, wh. by Dr. Bentley was call. the first b. male of the
town; but Felt differs from that judgment, tho. the cradle in wh. he
was rocked was long admired, and perhaps acknowl. as proof. His w.
surv. as is infer. from the ment. by the s. in June 1680, in render. admin.
acco. of the est. of his f. that his mo. was d. JOHN, Salem, s. of the preced.
freem. 1668, m. 27 Apr. 1658, Sarah Wells, had Jeffrey, b. 14 May 1664,
bapt. 30 July 1665; and John, 6 Oct. 1665; beside Thomas, 5 Dec. 1667,
and Daniel, wh. both d. young; Sarah, b. 25 July 1669, wh. m. Miles
Ward; and Thomas, again, 8 or 22 Mar. 1674, d. young. He kept the
ferry to Beverly, in wh. office his s. John, who perhaps in 1687 liv.
at Roxbury, and by w. Sarah, d. of Thomas Wells of Ipswich, had
Ann, b. 11 Oct. of that yr. succeed. 1701, and the sen. d. 1 Sept.

    MASSILOWAY. See Mussilloway.

    MASSON. See Mason.

    MASTERS, ABRAHAM, Cambridge 1639, prob. s. of John, but may
have been gr.s. GILES, Boston, d. 29 Feb. 1688. He prob. had liv.
here but very short day, and with no sympathy towards our people, as
in Sewall's Diary he is describ. merely as "the king's attorney." JOHN,
Cambridge, perhaps came in the fleet with Winthrop freem. 18 May
1631, with prefix of respect, a man of skill and enterprise, d. 21 Dec.
1639, and Jane, his w. d. five days aft. His will, made two days only
bef. he d. abstract. in Geneal. Reg. II. 180, names d. Sarah Dobyson,
or Dobson
but we kn. nothing of her or her h.; d. Lydia Tabor, perhaps