Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p141


Volume 3, Page 141

infer. from the fact that one of two orphan ds. of M. aft. the destruct. of
B. appears at Hadley, 1686, nam. Joanna, and m. that yr. Samuel
Smith of H. and ano. d. m. at H. 1699, a man whose name is not plain
on rec.

    MACLOUD, MORDECAI, Lancaster 1658, was with w. and two ch. k.
by the Ind. 22 Aug. 1675. Willard, 26, 28.

a. 30 yrs. old in Nov. 1661, perhaps had w. Elizabeth and d. Elizabeth and d. 20 June
1673. His d. perhaps m. 17 Dec. 1677, Henry Bragg, and his wid. perhaps m.
4 Nov. 1679, John Baxter, both at Salem. JOHN, Salem, s. perhaps of the
preced. m. 11 Dec. 1684, Mary Gilson, had John, b. 5 Sept. 1685; and
Joseph, 24 Sept. 1687.

    MACKMAN, JAMES, Windsor, m. 1690, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Stoughton,
had no ch. d. 18 Dec. 1698. He was a merch. left good est. and his
wid. m. John Eliot of Windsor. Sometimes this is spell. Mackmin,
never Markham, as Hinman, 153, gives it.

    MACOMBER or MACUMBER, JOHN, Taunton 1643 (Baylies, II. 267),
had Thomas, b. 30 July 1679; William, 31 Jan. 1684; beside prob.
John, as the rec. shows, that John sen. m. 7 Jan. 1686, Mary Badcock.
THOMAS, Marshfield, m. 20 Jan. 1677, Sarah Crooker, d. of Francis.
WILLIAM, Duxbury 1643, was there 1638, possib. br. of the preced. may
have rem. to Marshfield, where Sarah, perhaps his d. m. 6 Nov. 1666,
William Briggs; rem. aft. to Dartmouth, there was liv. 1686. This
name has been well diffus. various. spell.

    MACOONE, MACKOON or MACOUNE, JOHN, Cambridge, m. 8 Nov.
1654, Deborah Bush, wh. d. 20 Feb. 1665, had Hannah, b. 31 Oct.
1659; Deborah, 31 Dec. 1661; Elizabeth 31 Jan. 1663, d. at one yr.; and
Sarah, 15 Feb. 1664; he m. 14 June 1663, Sarah Wood, had John, 14
June 1666; Daniel, 18 Feb. 1669; Elizabeth 17 Jan. 1670; Margaret, 20
Feb. 1672; and Peter, 21 Feb. 1674. Sometimes the rec. confus. the
name of w. JOHN, Westerly 1669, in his will of 13 Dec. 1732, names
w. Ann, eldest s. John, other ch. Daniel; Rachel, wh. m. 17 Apr. 1721,
James Hall; Mary, wh. m. a Larkin; Abigail, wh. m. a Brown; William,
and Joseph. JOHN, Westerly, s. of the preced. in his will of 2
Apr. 1754, ment. u. Patience, ch. William, Samuel, Lois, and Sarah.
JOSEPH, Westerly, br. of the preced. had w. Jemima, and d. bef. 1750.

    MACTAIN, JOHN, Marblehead 1677.

    MACRANNEY, WILLIAM, Springfield, m. 1685, Margaret, d. of John Riley.

    MACKRENEL, JAMES, a soldier under capt. Turner, and so kn. to be
Boston or Charlestown, k. at Northampton, 14 Mar. 1676, by the Ind.

    MACREST. See Makrest.

    MACUMMORE, JOHN, Newport 1639.

    MACWORTH, ARTHUR, Casco 1636, one of the most respect. sett. of