Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p100


Volume 3, Page 100

num. descend. prosper there. EBENEZER, Newton, s. of John, by w.
Lydia had Jemima, b. 19 Aug. 1697; Ezra, Mar. 1699, d. young;
Ebenezer, 2 May 1701, liv. very long; Pelatiah, 12 Oct. 1703; Lydia,
15 Feb. 1706; Jerusha, 15 Apr. 1708; Praisever, 5 Mar. 1710; Susanna,
and Ephraim, tw. 21 Nov. 1712; and Sybil, 1 Nov. 1714; his
w. d. 12 Oct. 1717, and he d. 9 Apr. or by ano. acco. Jan. 1728.
EDMUND, Exeter 1639, rem. to Wells in or bef. 1645, was there a
man of distinct. as commiss. with Ezekiel Knight and Thomas Wheelwright,
is call. "old Edmund L." d. 11 Dec. 1661, by his will of
that date, gave good provis. to w. Ann, to eldest s. Francis, and
other s. Anthony, Thomas, John, and youngest Francis, to ds. Elizabeth
, Mary Barrett, and Hannah L. His inv. show. £588, 13, 4.
The h. of Elizabeth was, I presume, John W. and of Mary was John B.
FRANCIS, Wells, eldest s. of the preced. had been of Dover 1648, a
leader in support of Mass. cause, rep. 1660, had tak. the o. 1653, With
Francis, jr. Anthony, and Thomas, prob. his s. as may have been John.
His d. Sarah m. John Wells, wh. came from Ipswich. A very curious
story is told, that the parents of this man, in Eng. of wh. he was the
eldest s. suppos. him d. as they in many yrs. heard not of him, call. ano.
s. by the same name, wh. came over to Wells, in the time a little bef.
the Commissnrs. of Mass. 1668, reinstated affairs, and they made him
an officer. Of the value of the tradit. I judge not, but refer to Maine
Hist. Coll. 1. 262; Hubbard, 600; and Hutch. L 266. FRANCIS, Woburn,
had Mary, b. 14 Dec. 1646: and his w. Jane d. 6 days aft. JOHN,
Dedham 1650, by w. Mary had Rebecca, b. 26 Mar. 1661; Experience,
7 or 17 Dec. 1659; John, 5 Oct. 1664; and Ebenezer, 13 Oct. 1669;
was freem. 1671, liv. in that part which was incorp. as Wrentham. His
w. d. 13 Jan. 1675, and he rem. JAMES, Wells, k. by the Ind. May
1690. JOHN, Wells 1656, constable 1661, made a lieut. in 1668 by the
Commissnrs. who created Francis, jr. ensign; so that we may reckon
him older, if a br. or superior in influence, if not. His d. Mary m.
Matthew Austin. THOMAS, Dover 1648, aft. at Wells, sw. to Mass.
in 1653, was there still in 1680, to sw. alleg. to the k. In the Bevis,
from Southampton 1638, came Annis L. with six ch. she 38 yrs. old.

    LITTLEHALE, RICHARD, came in the Mary and John, 1634, and prob.
was first sett. at Ipswick thence at Newbury, m. 15 Nov. 1647, Mary
Lancton, had twelve ch. says Coffin, but he names only John, b. 27 Nov.
1650, wh. was a soldier in Lothrop's comp. "the flower of Essex," k. 18
Sept. 1675; and adds, that he d. at Haverhill, 18 Feb. 1664. Mirick
says he was clk. of the writs. His wid. m. 6 Apr. 1665, as his third w.
Edmund Bridges. No doubt some of his ch. spread the name.

    LIVEEN, JOHN, New London, where it was common. writ. Living,
came from Barbados, 1677, with w. Alice, wh. had by former b. John,