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Volume 3, Page 101

and Nicholas Hallam; a. 19 Oct. 1689; in his will, made that day,
unhappi. gave large part of his prop. to the min. which caus. long controversy
in the law, and appeal to the k. in Council. His wid. wh. brot.
(the s. said), most of the est. d. 1698.

    LIVERMORE, JOHN, Watertown, was prob. s. of Peter of Little Thurlow,
in the W. of Co. Suff'k. came in the Francis from Ipswich 1634,
aged 28, but with no w. or ch. yet thot. that w. foll. from Eng. with
d. Hannah, b. 1633; went to Wethersfield, where he own. Ids. in 1640,
but was, in 1639, of New Haven, then sign. the coven. with fam. count.
four, there had bapt. Samuel, 15 Aug. 1641; Daniel, 8 Oct. 1643; a d.
1 June 1645; and Mary, 12 Sept. 1647; beside Elizabeth and Sarah, but
sold, 7 May 1650, to Theophilus Higginson, his ho. and ld. and rem.
back to Watertown By w. Grace at W. he had Edmund, wh. d. soon
aft. b. 24 May 1659. Hannah m. 14 May 1655, John Coolidge; but in
Bond may be seen other date, as 14 Nov. and also 14 Feb. foll. one
under Coolidge, the other under Livermore; and wh. of the three dates
is correct may be matter of dispute; Sarah m. James Townsend of
Charlestown; and Martha m. 15 July 1682, Abraham Parker, jr. of
Chelmsford. His will, of 10 Jan. 1683, was pro. 16 June 1684; he had
d. 14 Apr. preced. aged 78; and the will of his wid. of 19 Dec. 1690,
was pro. 16 June foll. Both ment. ch and JOHN, Watertown,
eldest s. of the preced. by w. Hannah had John, b. 21 Mar. 1668, d. at
15 yrs.; Hannah, 27 Sept. 1670; Sarah, 18 Feb. 1672; Joseph, 27
Jan. 1675; Daniel, 8 June 1677; James, 13 Feb. 1680; Mary, and
Martha, tw. 11 Apr. 1684; and John, 8 July 1690. He m. sec. w.
Elizabeth wid. of Samuel Allen, d. of capt. John Grout, and his will, of 20
Oct. 1714, was pro. 25 Feb. 1719. SAMUEL, Watertown, s. of John
the first, freem. 1671, m. 4 June 1668, Ann, d. of Matthew Bridge, had
Ann, b. 29 Mar. 1669, d. young; Grace, 28 Sept. 1671; Samuel, 27
Apr. 1673; Daniel, 3 Feb. 1675; Thomas, 5 Jan. 1677; Jonathan, 19
Apr. 1678; Matthew, 12 Feb. 1680, d. young; John, 27 Feb. 1681;
Abigail, 9 Oct. 1683; Nathaniel, 29 Dec. 1685; Lydia, 26 July 1687;
and Ann, 1690. He d. Dec. of that yr. and his wid. m. Oliver Wellington,
and d. 28 Aug. 1727, aged 81. His will, of 5 Dec. 1690, pro. 16
June foll. made w. and s. Samuel excors. THOMAS, Charlestown, by w.
Mary, had John, bapt. 21 Aug. 1687; and Thomas, 16 Dec. 1688.
Seven of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and nine at other
N. E. and Princeton coll. of wh. three were mem. of the U. S. Congress.
In early rec. it may easi. be mistak. for Lethermore.

    LIVINGSTON, JOHN, Boston 1659, then adm. of the Scots' Charit. Soc.

    LLOYD, EDWARD, Charlestown, spell. sometimes with single l, by w.
Hannah had Hannah, bapt. 18 June 1682; Edward, b. 28 Dec. 1684,