Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p74


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Volume 2, Page 74

Ruth, b. 4 Oct. 1667; Salmon, Aug. 1670; and John, 2 Dec. 1673; was hang. for
murder 18 Mar. 1675, as relat. by Mather, VI. 39. Lewis. WILLIAM, Salem
1687, d. 1691, leav. w. Mary. Felt. He had John, b. 3 July 1685; Thomas, 24
Mar. 1687; Elizabeth 28 Apr. 1689; and Michael, 13 July 1691.

    DROWNE, LEONARD, Kittery, shipwright, m. Elizabeth Abbot, perhaps d. of
Richard of Portsmouth, had Solomon, b. 23 Jan. 1682; Samuel, Simeon, Shem,
Susanna, wh. m. as is said, John Johnson of Boston, and Mary, wh. m. as is
said, 24 Apr. 1712, James Kettle of Charlestown. Little is to be glean. exact. on priv.
life of most in that country in that age, when liable to be driv. from his
home, as was D. for yrs. after being one of the found. of the first Bapt.
ch. in Maine 1682. He had practis. his trade at Boston a doz. yrs. when
his w. d. 1704; and by sec. w. had no ch. He d. 31 Oct. 1729, aged 83. See
Greenleaf, 241. SHEM, Boston, s. of Leonard of the same, had, it is
erron. said, m. a d. of Richard Russell, nam. Catharine, as is further said,
and thro. her deriv. title to the gr. of Eastern lds. made to Aldworth and
Elbridge from Sir F. Gorges bef. Boston was sett. See Drake, 615, wh. got
his inform. through poor source, in this matter. His w. was d. of Timothy
Clark, in his will well provid. for. He d. 13 Jan. 1774; and had d.
Sarah, wh. m. Rev. Jeremiah Condy of Boston. Rev. Samuel, b. at
Bristol, R. I. was min. of 3d Congr. ch. Portsmouth, N. H. his br. Solomon
was, 1773, an Assist. of R. I.; and one Nathaniel P. a physician, wh. d. at
Boston 9 Feb. 1771, in his 26th yr. had been gr. H. C. 1764. SOLOMON,
Bristol, br. of the preced. m. 8 Nov. 1705, and had eleven ch. Solomon, b. 4
Oct. 1706; Esther, 26 Oct. 1708; Elizabeth 8 Sept. 1710; Joseph, 8 Feb. 1712;
Bathsheba, 10 June 1715; Benjamin, 9 June 1717; Mary, 7 June 1719; Samuel,
31 July 1721; Sarah, 23 July 1723; Jonathan, 29 July 1725; and Shem, 13
June 1728. He d. 9 Oct. 1730, and his wid. (whose name of bapt. or fam. we
see not) d.
26 July 1744.

    DRUCE, or DRUSE, JOHN, Cambridge vill. now Newton, s.
of Vincent, had by w. Mary, bapt. at Roxbury, 13 Sept. 1674, John (b. 25 Feb.
1669), and Mary, and Hannah, a fortnight later; was mort. wound. 1 July
1675 in Capt. Prentice's troop on the morning march from Rehoboth to
Swanzey, brot. home, and d. next day. Apostle Eliot in ch. rec. writes, "he
acquit. hims. valiant." His nuncup. will, pro. by oath of Joseph Dudley, 16
Aug. foll. is in our Vol. VI. RICHARD, Boston, by w. Jane had William, b. 1
May 1660. VINCENT, Hingham 1637, freem. 1645, as Mr.
Paige conject. when the name is writ. Vincent Ruth, as perhaps his
utterance was indistinct, and the clk. wh. enrol. judg. by sound. I concur
in this astute conject. for two reasons; (beside the strangeness of such
a surname) Vincent is exceeding. rare as bapt. name;--and the next above
and below him in the Rec. list, was a Hingham man; rem. bef. 1652 to
Cambridge, liv. on S. side of the riv. now Newton, had sh. in the div. for
Cambridge people of Shawsheen lds. and in that rec. his name is Druse, as
also in Roxbury rec. His ch. were Vincent; John,