Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p73


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Volume 2, Page 73

this may have been the tragedy of Francis. Tradit. raises many doubts.
Thomas, prob. ano. s. with a young w. were tak. at same time and car. to
Canada. Belkn. I. 138. 141. WILLIAM, Dover 1648, d. a. 1669, leav. w. Elizabeth
wh. m. 20 July 1671, William Follet. He had Francis, b. 1648; John, 1651;
perhaps James, and William. Early in the eighteenth centu. there were at
Newton, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and one or more others of this name, all
young, but I have not learn. their derivat.

    DRINKER, EDWARD, Charlestown, s. of Philip, b. in Eng. came with his f.
was a potter, constable 1652, rem. to Boston, and was one of the found.
of the first Bapt. ch. in Boston 1663, yet a lieut. in Philip's war, of Capt
Turner's comp. tho. in his Hist. of the Baptists, Backus shows that the
bigotry of the day refus. him, as unworthy of such command in the first
yr. of the war. He preach. in 1678 to the humble congregat. in Boston, and
d. 1700. His w. Hannah d. 14 May 1693; and he m. 6 Mar. foll. Mary Emmons.
In his will, made 1696, names no ch. but ment. w. Mary, br. John, and niece
Mary, w. of Benjamin Emmons; to the two former leav. est. for life, and
remainder to niece. John, Charlestown, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. came
with his f. by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 31 Mar. 1653; Elizabeth 28 Aug. 1654; Mary,
16 Oct. 1655; Sarah, 4 Feb. 1657; Philip, 28 May 1659; and ch. not nam. 24 Sept.
1662; possib. he rem. in later days, but so late as 1696 was ment. in his
bro.'s will. Perhaps he was gr.f. of that John, sometimes call. Edward, b.
in a log cabin on what is now Walnut str. corner of Second, Philadelphia,
24 Dec. 1680, some mos. bef. Penn's charter, and d. 17, or as the ch. rec.
says 18 Nov. 1782, of course, allow. for change of style, 101 yrs. 10 mos.
and 14 or 15 days old, whose age is by Dr. Rush and others fondly stretch.
to 103. He had eighteen ch. by first w. and none by three other ws.
sometimes sat at his table with 14 ch. says tradit. and not long bef. his
d. heard of one of his hav. a See Watson's Ann. of Philad.
PHILIP, Charlestown 1635, came in the Abigail that yr. aged 39, with w.
Elizabeth 32; Edward, 13; and John, 8; freem. 17 May 1637, kept the first ferry
over Mistick 1640, d. 23 June 1647, in his will, two days bef. makes ment.
of no other relat. than w. and those two s.

    DRISCOLL, FLORENCE, Windsor, or Wethersfield, d 1678, prob, unm.

    DRIVER, JOHN, Lynn, s. perhaps of first Robert, by w. Elizabeth wh. d.
26 May 1674, had John, b. 23, d. 31 of the same mo.; and by sec. w.
John, again, b. 16 May 1678; and Eleazer, Aug. 1680, d. same mo. RICHARD,
Lynn, perhaps br. of the preced. m. 6 Jan. 1664, Sarah Salmon. ROBERT,
Lynn, 1630, freem. 6 May 1635, d. says Lewis, 3 Apr. 1680, aged 87. His w.
d. Feb. 1683. His s. ROBERT, wh. came in Abigail 1635, aged 8, liv. at Lynn,
had Sarah, wh. d. 5 Feb. 1667.