Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p569

Volume 2, Page 569

s. of Robert, m. Hannah, d. of Ralph Tristram of Saco, had Dominicus,
and other childr. was k. by the Ind. 1703, when his w. and childr. were
carr. off to Canada, whence, after thirteen yrs. Dominicus escap. This s.
was a maj. and d. 1749, aged 66; and his s. Dominicus d. 1788, aged 72.
Dominicus, eldest s. of this last, b. 19 Apr. 1740, was liv. when Willis
wrote in 1831, the oldest man in the town, enjoy. part of the ancestr.
domain. FRANCIS, Ipswich 1634, m. 6 Nov. 1635, Jane Wilson, had
Sarah, b. 8 Nov. 1636; Hannah, 14 Mar. 1638; Mary, 7 Apr. 1639, d.
in 4 mos.; Mary, again, 16 May 1641; Lydia, 14 Feb. 1643; and
Deborah, 4 Dec. 1645; made his will 23 Apr. 1678, in wh. he names w.
Jane, and a Mary Simson. JAMES, Dedham, d. betw. 24 Apr.
and 4 May 1655, his will, of the earlier date, by wh. alone we learn
any thing a. the man, that speaks of age and infirmity, ment. s. Thomas,
eldest d. Mary, wh. is blind, and therefore gives £30 to her, and to ea.
of the five ch. of d. Ann, w. of Abraham Jaquith, late of Charlestown,
£1. JOHN, Guilford 1639, sign. the coven. of 1 June of that yr. by
his name, Jurden, was there in 1668, perhaps d. next yr. JOHN, Plymouth
1643, wh. may have been f. of that Jehosabeth that m. 14 Dec.
1665, John Robbins of Bridgewater; at least there had Baruch, b. 24
Feb. 1651; may have rem. to Portsmouth. JOHN, Portsmouth, eldest
s. of Robert, m. 1677, or 8, Elizabeth d. of Elias Stileman. ROBERT, Casco,
came as a preacher, bef. 1641, prob. hav. deacon's or priest's orders from
Episc. author. as all the other min. of the time had here, but desirous, as
they were not, of adher. to the ch. of Eng. m. Sarah, only d. of John
, the gr. trad. of all that coast, and slid easily into civ. life, but
was not cautions eno. to conciliate the Mass. chief men, wh. imprison.
him 1654, but in 1658 he was sw. a freem. of this jurisdict. His est. was
on the Spurwink, now Scarborough. On the Ind. hostil. 1675, he withdrew
to Portsmouth, and there, in 68th yr. d. 1679, his will, of 28 Jan.
being pro. 1 July of that yr. His w. and ch. John, Robert, Dominicus,
Jedediah, Samuel, and Jeremiah, are in it carefully provid. for. Willis, I.
154, 238. ROBERT, Scarborough, s. of the preced. did not sustain the
reput. of his f. STEPHEN, Ipswich 1634, came that yr. in the Mary and
John, rem. to Newbury, d. 8 Feb. 1670, leav. wid. Susanna, wh. d. 25
Jan. 1673, and two ds. wh. had m. Robert Cross and John Andrews,
both at Ipswich. THOMAS, Dedham, s. of James, freem. 1647. THOMAS,
Guilford 1650, came from some part of Kent, Eng. went home in
1651, and was of distinct. there. A d. m. Andrew Leete. THOMAS,
Rehoboth, m. 24 Dec. 1674, Esther Hall, d. of Edward of the same.

    JOSE, CHRISTOPHER, Portsmouth, had liv. at Isle of Shoals, where he
was constable 1656; by w. Jane had Richard, b. 10 Nov. 1660; Thomas, 27
June 1662; Joanna, 13 Mar. 1664; Margaret, or Mary, 10 Oct.