Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p570


Volume 2, Page 570

1666; John, 27 May 1668; Jane, 18 July 1670; Samuel, 6 May 1672;
and Mary, 8 July 1674; and he d. a. 1678. Mary m. 5 Jan. 1693,
Ichabod Plaisted. RICHARD, Portsmouth, s. of the preced. m. 16 Oct.
1683, Hannah, d. of Richard Martin, had Joanna, b. 17 Nov. 1685;
Jane, 20 July 1689; Mary, 20 Jan. 1694; Richard, 17 Oct. 1696; Martin,
28 Dec. 1700; and Sarah, 20 Apr. 1704; in Aug. 1699 was made
Sheriff of the Prov. had sec. w. Esther, d. of maj. Richard Waldron,
wid. of Abraham Lee, wh. bef. was wid. of Henry Elkins; and d. 24
Sept. 1707.

of the gr. jury 1658, was, perhaps, br. of Henry, Esquire, and John, the
traveller; but whether he went home, or d. here, is unkn. ABRAHAM,
Hingham, prob. eldest of Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. perhaps was
left by his f. at sch. and direct. to foll. in few yrs.; by w. Beatrice, had
there bapt. Abraham, 8 Apr. 1649; Philip, 15 Dec. 1650, wh. d. at
Boston, 2 Aug. 1652; Henry; Rebecca; of unkn. dates; prob. both
aft. rem. to Lancaster; yet Nathaniel was b. 4 July 1660, it seems, at
Boston; however at L. were b. Joseph, 26 July 1663; Mary, 14 Dec.
1666, beside Thomas, wh. may, perhaps, have been older than either of
the two; d. early in June 1670, as may be conclud. from his inv. being
tak. on 13 of that mo. His wid. m. 16 Nov. 1671, Benjamin Bosworth
of Hull, was 88, when she d. at Boston, Jan. 1712, pass. her last days
with d. Rebecca. Rebecca m. John Croakham of Boston, and next,
1679, Thomas Harris; and, 8 Oct. 1700, Edward Stevens, had ch. only
by the sec. h. and d. Mar. 1713. ABRAHAM, Lancaster, s. of the preced.
m. 29 Nov. 1672, Ann, of whose fam. name we are ign. had Beatrice, b.
9 May 1674, and would soon have had ano. ch. when the Ind. in Feb.
1676 k. all the fam. either in the assault on 10th or in their capt. in the
wilderness. His br. Joseph was rescu. by some friend. Ind. * HENRY,
Scarborough, s. of Sir Thomas of Co. Kent, came, perhaps as early as
1631, certain. was here in 1634, but this was in employm. of Mason,
patentee of N. H. after whose d. he engag. under Sir F. Gorges, and
most faithful was his serv. from 1636, usual. oppos. the claims of Mass.
hold. courts in 1647 and 8, under his commiss. from Eng. but at last
acquiesc. in her suprem. bec. freem. 1658, when most of his neighb. also
took the o. He m. Margaret, wid. of capt. Thomas Cammock, soon
after his d. in 1643, had Henry; was for a long time the sec. person in
auth. in Maine, and, not a short season, the first; in 1665 of course he
enjoy. the favor of the royal commisnrs. but again bec. loyal to the usurp.
governm. of Mass. In Oct. 1676 he was subdu. by the Ind. and prob.
went to the Westward, but no more is kn. See Williamson. Sullivan,
369, suppos. that he went to Plymouth and Willis, 128, foll. that mistake.