Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p568


Volume 2, Page 568

the ds. Hannah m. at ripe age, 2 Oct. 1689, Patrick Falconer of Guilford,
afterwards a preacher in Newark, N. J. but, in 1707, she was w. of
James Clark; Sarah m. 21 Oct. 1687, Andrew Morrison, merch. wh. d.
1702 or 3, insolv.; Elizabeth m. John Morgan; and Susanna m. Nathaniel
Wilson of Hartford, wh. so ill-treat. her that she went home to New
Haven, and d. 1705. My New Haven correspond. makes her as bad
or worse than he. By the usual folly of tradit. he has been thot. to
be descend. of Cromwell's sis. as well as s. of the regicide, yet he was
b. many yrs. bef. that m. of the regicide, and he was very little younger
than the proposed mo. if she were the wid. of Whetstone that m. Col.
Jones the regicide, for she was bapt. 19 Jan. 1606, and Whetstone serv.
all thro. the gr. civ. war, and d. aft. William, the suppos. s. of his
successor was m. to his first, if not even to the sec. w. and no hesitat.
can be felt in agree. with the conclus. of Noble in his memoirs of the
Ho. of Cromwell, II. 276, "prob. Col. Jones had no issue by the wid. of
Mr. Whetstone." However one part of the story is as good as the
other, prob. tho. the relat. unimport. of the Col. has left us, I think,
without knowl. of a former w. The little resp. shown to the story of
his origin is justif. by the strange ignorance exhibit. in the details, with
wh. I have been supplied,--as that the regicide, wh. was b. 1580, in the
isle of Anglesea, and one of the mem. for a Welsh county, in the Long
Parliam. of 1640, m. 1623, Henrietta, sec. sis. of O. Cromwell, wh. bec.
the gr. Protector, when we kn. of the six sis. the sec. was Catharine, two
yrs. older than Oliver, and none was nam. Henrietta; and as we see
that he did indeed marry a younger sis. of the gr. man, we may be content
without giv. him any other than the wid. Whetstone. Ano. blunder
of this paper is, in call. Eaton, the f. of William's w. "famous first gov.
of New Haven Col. and of Conn. after the union;" thus confus. the f.
of the w. with her h. a stupid arrangem. even for a tradit. of stupidity.
WILLIAM, New Haven, s. of the preced. rem. to Guilford, by w. Abigail
, prob. d. of John, not Isaac (as the fam. geneal. has it) of Boston,
had only ch. kn. to us, Caleb, b. 1688, wh. had sev. ch. and perpet. the
name; and he d. 23 May 1700. So common is this name in Eng. that
I was for some time led to believe, that our Rev. John of Concord and
Fairfield was the student of Jesus Coll. Oxf. s. of William of Co.
Monmouth. Once the Welsh alone enjoy. it, but it has gone upon all the
winds; and it is exceed. difficult to appropr. third and later generat.
Thirteen of this name, says Farmer MS. had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv.
and forty at the other N. E. and N. J. coll. Margaret Jones, the woman
execut. as a witch 15 June 1648, was the sec. example of such infatua.
in N. E. the first being at Windsor a yr. bef. Her h. narrow. escap. for
the evid. against him was appar. to many, as Winthrop II. 327, tells.