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Volume 2, Page 549

confus. a. these Josephs is in Gage's Hist. * MAXIMILIAN, Rowley, elder
br. of the first Joseph, in same l. bapt. 4 Oct. 1607, came, as I have heard on good auth.
from Bradford, in the W. Riding of Yorksh. prob. with Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, tho. no
previous acquaint. from the wide distance of their respective residences can be
presum. at the gather. of the ch. 3 Dec. 1639, chos. deac. in wh. place he serv.
45 yrs. and for two hundred and twenty yrs. past, a descend. of him or his younger
br. fellow-passeng. has been in that office, or min. the whole time, exc. eight yrs.
freem. 13 May 1640, rep. 1641, and for 16 yrs. later; had sec. w. m. 30 Aug. 1671,
wid. Elinor Boynton, and d. 19 Oct. 1684, leav. beside Sarah, b. 17 Mar. 1658; and
Priscilla, 19 May 1664; both d. young; seven other ch. all by first w. Ann, wh. d.
9 Nov. 1667, but whose fam. name is not seen; Ezekiel, b. 1 Apr. 1643; Joseph;
Ann, 12 Feb. 1645; Elizabeth 22 May 1650, wh. m. 21 July 1680, Robert Hazeltine;
Mary, 18 Feb. 1647; Faith Dowse, w. of Samuel, Oct. 1652, m. as his sec. w. 7 Mar.
1677; and Sarah; all nam. in his will of 17 Oct. pro. 25 Nov. 1684. The last ch.
alone was then unm. but she bec. sec. w. of Jeremiah Ellsworth, 13 May 1689. Ann,
the eldest d. m. 6 Dec. 1666, Barsillai Barker of R. NATHANIEL, Concord, freem.
1681. He may be the man wh. sw. 13 Sept. 1662, that he was 56 yrs. old, and,
perhaps, was f. of sev. as Abraham, John, or Stephen, if not of all. * NEHEMIAH,
Ipswich, s. of the first Joseph, m. 19 Oct. 1668, Exercise Pierce of Lynn, where
he then liv. had Mary, b. 9 Aug. 1673; Nehemiah, 8 Aug. 1675; Joanna, 8 May
1677; Nathan, 25 Oct. 1679; Mercy, 11 Feb. 1681, d. at 6 mos.; and Joseph,
14 Sept. 1685; beside Mehitable, 22 Sept. 1687; and Benjamin, Oct. 1690; freem.
1668, was rep. for I. 1689-94, and this last yr. speaker of the assemb.; d. 20 Jan.
1720. His wid. d. 13 Nov. 1731. STEPHEN, Newbury 1666, one of the petitnrs.
for accomo. with the k. THOMAS, was prob. the JEWELL, on the former p.
Ten of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and fifteen at the other N. E.

    JOCELYN. See Josselyn.

    JOHNS, WILLIAM, Hingham, d. a. 1 June 1663, "hav. no relat. left in this
country," yet est. eno. to need admin.

    JOHNSON, ANDREW, is the name of a soldier borne on the list of
Moseley's comp. ten days bef. the decisive battle of Philip's war 19 Dec.
1675. CALEB, is the name of a serv. of John Osgood of Andover,
ment. in his will of Apr. 1650 wh. was drown. in Merrimack riv. 24
July 1656, as Coffin, in Geneal. Reg. VI. 345 tells. CALEB, Sudbury,
s. of Solomon, had Caleb, Solomon, Charles, and perhaps other ch.
Yet no date is ment. for either ch. or his mo. or d. CHARLES, New
London, bef. 1690. DANIEL, Lynn, prob. s. of Richard of the same, m.
2 Mar. 1674, Martha Parker, had Abigail, b. 21 Apr. 1675; Stephen,
and Nathaniel, tw. 14 Feb. 1678; Sarah, 5 July 1680; Elizabeth 7 Mar.
1682; and Simon, 25 Jan. 1684. DAVY, Dorchester, came. prob. in the
Mary and John, 1630, req. adm. says Farmer, 19 Oct. of that yr. tho. I
think he was wrong, and 18 May foll. was made freem. but no further