Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p532


Volume 2, Page 532

Mar. 1683; John, again, 15 Mar. 1685; Jonathan 10 Dec. 1686;
Mary 27 Dec. 1687; and Joseph, 6 Mar. 1690. He d. 6 Dec. 1690,
and his wid. d. 25 Mar. 1726, aged 84, says the histor. of Newton, not
rememb. that she was b. 1650. THOMAS, Plymouth, a serv. wh. ran
away from his master, with three others, and on their way to Providence,
rob. and murder. a solit. Ind. as full. is told in Bradford's Hist. 362-5,
for wh. he, and Arthur Peach, and Richard Stinnings, in Sept. 1638,
were hang. THOMAS, Portsmouth, m. Hannah, d. of James Johnson,
had Mary; but tho. so far I obey auth. of Hon. John Wentworth, and
would submit to his dictat. whether this Mary shall be w. of John Sherburne,
s. of Henry, or John, s. of John; yet I feel gr. scruples a. every
thing, without dates. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 180, and 208. THOMAS,
Reading, in Mr. Eaton's list of early sett. may have rem. to Boston to
be the freem. of 1690; and he, or ano. of the same name m. Elizabeth and
Priscilla, ds. of Nathaniel Grafton. Sec note on Geneal. Reg. VIII.
270. WALTER, Dover 1658, was of Portsmouth in 1667; but chief.
resid. at D. there was tax. 1661-75, had gr. of ld. 19 Mar. 1666 adj. his
own lot; was d. Mar. 1698, when oldest s. William brot. inv. Perhaps
he was br. of James of the same. WILLIAM, Rowley 1639, had w.
Deborah; only s. John, wh. d. bef. his f. and d. 1 May 1688, leav. only
ds. Mary, w. of Isaac Foster; b. 1640; and Deborah, 1644. His eldest
d. Elizabeth m. prob. James Howe of Ipswich. He built the first ho. in that
pt. of the town wh. bec. Bradford. WILLIAM, Saybrook 1648. Twenty
one of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1849, five at Yale, and I kn.
not how many at other N. E. coll.

    JACOB or JACOBS, BARTHOLOMEW, New Haven 1668, m.
20 Dec. 1666, Mercy, d. of Thomas Barnes, had a d. b. 1667; Elizabeth 19
Oct. 1668; Samuel, 9 Aug. 1671; Mercy, 8 Sept. 1674; Thomas, 4 Nov.
1677; and Lydia, 3 Apr. 1681. He was a. propr. in 1685 and d. 1693. Mercy
m. 1 Jan. 1695, John Hull. DAVID, Scituate, s. of John, m. 1689, Sarah, d.
of John Cushing, had David, b. 28 Oct. 1690; Elisha, 30 Oct. 1696, d.
young; Joshua, 31 Mar. 1702; Joseph, 16 Aug. 1707; Benjamin, 10 Apr.
1709; and Elisha, again, 7 Oct. 1711; beside ds. Mary, 15 July 1692;
Sarah, 15 Sept. 1694; Deborah, 22 Apr. 1698; Lydia, 1 Aug. 1700;
and Hannah, 27 Apr. 1704. His w. d. 24 Sept. 1723; and he d. 10
Feb. 1748. GEORGE, Salem, unhapp. liv. in the vill. now Danvers,
charg. with witchcraft, sent to Boston, bec. the gaol in Essex Co. could
not hold half of the accus. imprison. from 12 May to July 1692 condemn.
5 Aug. as was Rev. George Burrows, and execut. together on 19. Part
of the evid. against him, was extort. by threats from his gr.d. Margaret,
wh. under seventeen yrs. of age, also sw. ("not know. what an oath did
mean," she says), against Burrows, whose punishm. was, no doubt, more
desir. (he being a clerg. of course a more valu. serv. of the devil), by
the judges than that of Jacobs. But we may presume, that his greater
age made up for his inferior mental capacity. She confess. that it was