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Volume 2, Page 525

1671; but pass. his latter yrs. at Little Compton, where in
May 1708, he m. a sis. of capt. Church, call. Deborah by one, Priscilla,
by ano. but it is not clear that C. had a sis. Priscilla.

    IRONS. See Ines.

    ISAAC or ISAACS, * JOSEPH, Cambridge 1636, freem. 9 Mar. 1637,
rep. 1638, d. 11 May 1642; and Elizabeth prob. his wid. m. 12 July 1643,
Nicholas Davis. A passeng. in the Elizabeth from Ipswich 1634, aged
36, nam. Rebecca Isaac, may have been his sis. but then we must infer,
that he was in the country earlier by two yrs. at least, than we kn. of;
and a fam. of this name is at Norwalk, honor. in sev. generat. as gr. at
Yale, but it is believ. that their pedigree on this side of the ocean must
not be found bef. the 18th centu. THOMAS, a merch. at Boston, but
perhaps only trans. in 1662.

    ISBELL, ELEAZER, New London, s. of Robert, freem. of Conn. 1669,
m. 1 Nov. 1668, Elizabeth French, d. 2 Sept. 1677, leav. only one s. and one
d. to care of their He went as one of the first sett. to Killingworth,
(so by pervers. made from Kenilworth, the town in Co. Warwick,
Eng. whose name was used for this in Conn. bec. one or more of the
earliest inhab. were b. there.) Field, 106. At K. he had Elizabeth 6 Sept.
1669; Robert, 21 Sept. 1671, d. soon; Hannah, 15 Mar. 1674; and
Robert, again, 20 Jan. 1676.

    ISLIN, THOMAS, Sudbury, freem. 13 May 1640, d. 21 Feb. 1664.

    ISSAM, JOHN, Barnstable, m. 16 Dec. 1677, Jane Parker, had Jane,
b. 7 Oct. 1679; John, 25 Aug. 1681; Isaac, Feb. 1683; Sarah, Dec.
1684; Mary, June 1687; Hannah; Patience; Joseph; and Thankful;
d. 3 Sept. 1717. This name may have been chang to Isham.

    IVES, JOHN, New Haven 1669, m. 12 Nov. 1668, Hannah, d. of
Nathaniel Merriman, had John, b. 14 Nov. 1669; rem. to Wallingford, and
d. 1682, leav. four other ch. His wid. m. the sec. Joseph Benham. JOSEPH,
New Haven, a propr. 1685. He m. 2 Jan. 1673, Mary, d. of Thomas Yale,
had Joseph, b. 17 Oct. foll.; Mary, 18 Oct. 1674, d. soon; Mary, again,
17 Mar. 1676; Samuel, 6 Nov. 1677; Matthew, 5 Mar. 1679; Lazarus,
19 Feb. 1681; Thomas, 22 Aug. 1683; Abigail, 17 Aug. 1685, d. soon;
John, 18 Jan. 1687, d. soon; as did ano. ch. 1690; and Ebenezer, 6 Apr.
1692. Only six ch. outliv. him, wh. d. 4 Nov. 1694. His wid. d. 1710.
MATTHIAS, prob. mistak. for Iyans, but may have liv. at Watertown.
MILES, or MICHAEL, Watertown 1639, by w. Martha had Sarah, b. 11
Oct. 1639; Mary, 10 July 1641; and Hannah, 9 May 1643; sold his
est. and 1641 rem. to Boston, there d. 26 Aug. 1684, aged 86. We may
believe, that he brot. elder ch. from Eng. for his will of 20 Dec. 1683,
pro. 7 Oct. foll. names s.-in-law John Polley, whose w. Susanna must
have been b. bef. either of those nam. as must also the mo. of his
Healy wh. is also ment. Other s.-in-law was Lewis Allen; and Hannah
m. 8 Jan. 1668, James Hubbard, as his sec. w. Yet Healy, the is
nam. by him Nathaniel, and his mo. was Grace, d. of Nicholas Buttry,
third w. of William, whose first was Grace, also, 1). in Eng,. and to me it
seems prob. that she was d. of Miles Ives. THOMAS, Salem 1668, m. 1
Apr. 1672, Martha, d. of Nicholas Wyeth, had Elizabeth b. 8 Feb. foll. wh.
d. next yr.; Thomas, 31 Mar. 1674; and Deborah, 8 Dec. 1675.
WILLIAM, New Haven, unit. in the civil compact, 4 June 1639, but had
prob. come to Boston 1635, aged 28, in the Truelove from London, had
Phebe, bapt. 2 Oct. 1642; and John, 29 Dec. 1644; and d. 1648, but