Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p524


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Volume 2, Page 524

call. junr. when he sw. alleg. in May 1682, prob. was s. of the preced.
JOHN, Providence, br. prob. of the preced. was publish. 20 Jan. 1669, to
be m. to Sarah Herenden. A Joanna was, perhaps, d. of the first Edward, and m.
July 1666, Nathaniel Morey.

    IRELAND, JOHN, Charlestown 1681, m. 15 July 1680, Grace Healy, rem.
prob. to Boston, but at C. had Margaret, b. 15 Aug. 1681; John, 5 July 1683; and
Abiel, a d. bapt. 22 Feb. 1685. PHILIP, Ipswich, had w. Grace, says Farmer, wh.
d. 13 May 1692. SAMUEL, Wethersfield, a carpenter, came to Boston in the Increase,
from London, 1635, aged 32, with w. Mary, 30, and d. Martha, 1 1/2; had more
ch. here, and d. 1639; his wid. m. 1645, Robert Burrows, and d. 1672. WILLIAM,
the freem. of 1650, was, perhaps, of Dorchester, then, but certain. of Boston, liv.
at Rumney Marsh, now Chelsea, 1654, and constable 1656.

    IRESON, BENJAMIN or BENONI, Lynn, s. of Edward, m. 1 Aug. 1680,
Mary Leach, had Edward, b. Apr. 1681, d. in few days. But descend.
of other ch. still contin. says Lewis, wh. calls the name of f. Edmund;
but I foll. Felt in Geneal. Reg. V. 253. EDWARD, Lynn, came in the
Abigail 1635, aged 32, with Elizabeth prob. his w. 27, had Hannah, b. 10
Feb. 1639; Ruth, 12 Jan. 1641; yet perhaps Felt saw the error of rec.
when Samuel is put in Sept. 1641; Eleazer, 1 Sept. 1642; Benoni, or
possib. Benjamin, Sept. 1645; Elizabeth Dec. 1648; and prob. by sec. w.
Rebecca, May 1657; and d. Dec. 1675, aged 73. Lewis. His will of 26 Oct.
1674, pro. by his wid. 27 June 1676, ment. only Samuel and Ruth. RICHARD,
Lynn, 1643. Cb. Just. Sewall, wh. fondly mark. cases of longev. in his
diary notes d. on 3 Feb. 1692 of a capt. Ireson, betw. 86 and 90 yrs.
old. THOMAS, a passeng. in the Hopewell, capt. Babb, in the autumn
1635, aged 25, unless the slovenly writ. of that day at the London custom
ho. may rather seem Johnson.

    IRISH, ELIAS, Taunton, s. of the first John, m. 26 Aug. 1674, Dorothy,
d. of William Witherell of the same, d. in few yrs. and his wid. m. 1 Apr.
1686, William Wood. JOHN, Duxbury 1637, by w.Elizabeth had John, and
Elias; rem. to Bridgewater, perhaps, at least was, if Winsor be correct, a
propr. there, tho. not orig. went to Little Compton, d. 1677. His wid. d.
28 Aug. 1687. This, in my confid. conject. is the true name, print. in
Geneal. Reg. IX. 80, FRISH, for one of the party at Kennebeck under
John Howland, in 1634, sent to cut the cable of an interloper, Hocking,
wh. caus. the d. of one of each side, and is by Bradford and Winthrop the
Gov. of the two Cols. of Mass. and Plym. much dilat. on and greatly
regret. JOHN, Middleborough, s. of the preced. prob. by w. Elizabeth wh.
d. 8 Mar. 1707, had David; Elizabeth b. Feb. 1674; Jonathan, June 1678;
Joanna, 6 June 1681; Sarah, Jan. 1684; Priscilla, 30 Apr. 1686; Jedediah,
7 Oct. 1688; Content, Sept. 1691; Mary, 9 Apr. 1695; and John, 1 May
1699. He is the youth, nam. as his serv. in the will of capt. Standish,
Mar. 1655, and prob. liv. at Duxbury, bef. going to Middleborough,