Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p508

Volume 2, Page 508

witness to the will of Rev. Ralph Partridge; and he prob. d. twelve yrs.
after. ROBERT, Dover, in the tax list of 1659. ROBERT, Boston,
freem. 1690. STEPHEN, Nantucket, prob. eldest s. of Christopher, so
gr.s. of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, b. in Eng. m. 8 Oct. 1676, Martha, d. of
George Bunker, had Puella, if the rec. is good, b. 10 Oct. 1677; Abigail,
22 Dec. 1679; Silvanus, 13 May 1682; Bachiler, 18 Feb. 1685; Daniel,
20 Oct. 1687; Mary, 24 Mar. 1690; George, 21 June 1694; and
Theodate, 15 Sept. 1700. He had good est. and d. 2 Apr. 1718; and
his wid. Martha d. 21 Nov. 1744, aged near 88. WILLIAM, one of the
early sett. at Reading, acc. the list of Mr. Eaton.

    HUSTING, JOHN, Manchester 1649.

    HUTCHINS or HUTCHINGS, ENOCH, New Hampsh. m. 5 Apr. 1667,
Mary Stevenson, perhaps d. of Thomas of Dover. GEORGE, Cambridge,
freem. Mar. 1638, by w. Jane had Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1639; Luke, 6
Apr. 1644; Ann, 30 Sept. 1645; and Abiah, 3 Apr. 1648. Perhaps
Barbarie Hutson, wh. by Cambridge rec. d. 14 Feb. 1640, was his d. for
great latitude in spell. this name is seen therein. JOHN, Newbury, by w.
had William; Joseph, b. 15 Nov. 1640; Benjamin, 15 May
1641, perhaps an error of a yr. or two; Love, 16 July 1647; Eliz. and
Samuel; rem. to Haverhill, and d. says Coffin, 1674, aged 70. Love
15 Dec. 1668, Samuel Sherburne of Hampton; and Eliz. m. 1
Apr. 1656, Thomas Ayer. JOHN, Wethersfield, d. 1681, leav.
Sarah, and Ann. JONATHAN, Kittery, a youth of 14 yrs. tak.
by the Ind. May 1698. Mather, Magn. VII. 95. JOSEPH, Boston,
m. 1 Sept. 1657, Mary, d. of William Edmonds of Lynn[1]. JOSEPH,
Haverhill,sw. fidel. 28 Nov. 1677, was, perhaps, s. of John. NICHOLAS,
Lynn, m. 4 Apr. 1666, Elizabeth d. of George Farr, had John, b. 3 June 1668;
and Elizabeth 15 June 1670. RICHARD, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630,
and so may be thot. to have come in the fleet with Winthrop but as we kn.
not of his tak. the o. it is prob. he either d. soon, or went home the same
yr. * SAMUEL, Haverhill, perhaps s. of John of the same, m. at Andover,
24 June 1662, Hannah Johnson, was one of the first reps. under
the new chart. of 1692. SAMUEL, Kittery, tak. by the Ind. May 1698.
WILLIAM, Rowley 1666, perhaps the eldest s. of John, and br. of Samuel,
m. 1 Sept. 1657, Mary, d. of William Edmunds of Lynn,[1] was freem.
1682, and perhaps is he wh. m. 30 Apr. 1685, Elizabeth Growth, wh. may
have been wid. of John. Six of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at
N. E. coll.

    HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN, Salem vill. perhaps s. of Joseph, of
wh. all I can find is the exploit of strik. at a spectre as in one of the witchcr.
trials, 1692, was testif. EDWARD, Boston, s. of Susanna, a wid. (wh. came
in May 1636 with John Wheelwright, and her d. Mary, his w.) but this s.
came with w. Sarah, in 1633, prob. in the Griffin, hav. fellow-passeng.
John Cotton, the disting. theol. Elder Leverett, Gov. Brenton, Edmund
Quincy, Atherton Hough, and other promin. persons, most of wh. were,