Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p496

Volume 2, Page 496

here been chos. the two yrs. bef. He liv. mostly in London, but had a
ho. at Sandwich, Co. Kent, prev. to coming hither. With him, beside his
w. Susan, d. of the illustr. Thomas Clinton, third Earl of Lincoln, and
some ch. Ann, Dorcas, and Sarah, he brot. money, goods, and cattle for
the Col. Here he had bapt. at Salem, whither he rem. in few yrs. Theophilus,
having his name from the fourth Earl, 24 Jan. 1637; Thomas, 26 Aug.
1638; Joseph, 5 Apr. 1640; and Lydia, 25 Apr. 1641. Perhaps he
had ano. d. wh. lost her reason, and John, also, older than any.
Hutch. 1. 13, puts his coming too early by two yrs. Early in 1641 he
was of ar. co. and in June was made the first maj.-gen. of the col. but
having lost most of his prop. was tempted by great offers for new plant.
in the West Ind. He went home 26 Oct. 1641 in the same ship with Rev.
John Phillips. Of his ch. Ann, the eldest d. was m. at Salem, prob. to
William Palmer of Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperary In Ireland, and next, to Rev.
John Myles of Swanzey, but of no others have we exact account. Two ds.
as relat. by Winthrop 11. 45, suffer. the saddest fate of any in our early ann.
Perhaps, sooner or later, all, but the one m. went to Eng. at least the f.
never came again. He d. perhaps as late as 1670; at least in 1671, admin.
on his est. was tak. by Edmund Batter at Salem, and in 1681, Myles and
his w. in her right claim. est. in Mass. JOSEPH, Lynn, s. I presume,
of the preced. bound on a voyage to Eng. made his will 3 July 1663,
in wh. he speaks not of any near relat. but dispos. of the 300 acres
given him by the Gen. Court. Prob. he never came back, but was
k. at Lisbon, we may fear without reputa. concomit. for that will
was pro. 23 Oct. 1672, evid. first being produc. here on 5 of
same mo. that "a. 3 yrs. since he (the depon.), had helped to
inter him," without any elucidat. of circumst. as in the Pro. Reg.
of Wills,

    HUMMERSTON, HENRY, New Haven 1644, m. 19 Aug. 1651, Joan Walker,
had Samuel, b. 7 Aug. 1653; Nathaniel, 13 Jan. 1655; Thomas, 19 Oct. 1656; ano.
prob. John, and two ds. of wh. we kn. one Abigail, was b. 17 May 1661; and he
d. 16 Jan. 1664. His wid. m. 15 Dec. foll. Richard Little. Three of this name were
at N. H. as proprs. 1685, wh. two were certain. his s. as prob. also was JOHN, of
the same, wh. m. 10 Sept. 1685, Sarah, d. of John Tuttle, had John, b. 24 Oct. 1686;
Lydia, 1 Apr. 1689; Sarah, and Mary, tw. 8 Apr. 1693; and James, 7 May 1696; and
the f. d. the same yr. SAMUEL, New Haven, eldest s. of Henry, m. 21 Jan. 1678,
Hannah, d. of John Johnson of the same, had Samuel, b. 1678; Hannah, 2 July 1680;
Mary, 17 Jan. 1683; Matthew, 22 Nov. 1685; Nathaniel, 21 Sept. 1688; and Silence,
posthum. 7 Feb. 1691, the f. d. 12 days bef. THOMAS, New Haven, Ebenezer,
b. 14 Mar. foll.; Elizabeth; and Thomas, 3 May 1699; beside Joseph, 14 Nov. 1705.
But it may be that this last was by sec. w. the wid. Esther Howe, of whose time
of m. we are ign. as of the day or yr. of d. of the first. He d. Jan. 1716. The fam. is
diffused; a part at W. Springfield spells its name Hummiston and Humeston; possib.
all may be deriv. from Cambridge, where Harris, from the rec. gives: Edward
Hammerston bur. 24 Aug. 1646. Yet this is the sole ment. of the name on the

1673. HOPESTILL, Dorchester, s. of James, m. 21 Nov. 1667, Elizabeth Baker,
wh. d. 25 Oct. 1714, had Jonas, b. 13 Mar. 1696, perhaps others bef. serv. in
Davenport's comp. at the great Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675; had sec. w. Hannah,
wid. of John Blake, m. 5 Jan. 1719, d. 16 May 1722, and he d. 22 Mar. 1731.
ISAAC, Dorchester, w. of James the first of the same, m. Patience, d. of
Humphrey Atherton. JAMES, Dorchester, s. of Jonas, prob. eldest, b.
in Eng. a. 1608, freem. 1645, came with his f. prob. in 1634, a tanner,
in some town office 1650, and often after, best kn. as ruling Eld. 1651 to