Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p495


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Volume 2, Page 495

Bristol, sail. 28 Sept. arr. 7 Nov. 1635, with w. Elizabeth wh. brot. s. Richard
Storer, and his own, John, and Edward, was a blacksmith, freem. 9 Mar.
1637, hav. unit. with our ch. 29 May 1636. His w. d. 7 May 1646, and
he m. wid. Judith Paine of Braintree, wh. had been wid. of Edmund
Quincy, and d. 29 Mar. 1654. She was mo. of his s. John's w. Sewall
calls him gr.f. yet falls into strange error as to date of his d. of wh. event
the full and exact relat. of his s. John must be receiv. "28 July 1666 at
4 in the afternoon," aged 73. His will, made 20 May 1657, names s.
John excor. gives him est. at Muddy riv. and part of that in B., some to
his s. Edmund Quincy, and his s. John Q. at Braintree, a legacy to his s.
Storer, meaning his first w.'s, and an est. to his own s. Edward. But as
the younger d. John was the only surv. ch. SAMUEL, Fairfield, m. Deborah,
d. of the elder James Beers. THOMAS, Boston, cooper, m. 3 Apr.
1657, Hannah, d. of William Townsend, had William, b. 23 Jan. 1659,
d. Sept. 1660; Mary, 22 Aug. 1661, d. young; Thomas, 1663;
Hannah, 1664; Mary, again, 1666; and Samuel, 1667. He d. 1670,
and 10 Aug. of that yr. his wid. had admin. and m. in a later day,
lieut. Richard Way. TRISTRAM, Yarmouth 1643, had Mary, b. latter
part of Sept. 1645; Sarah, 18 Oct. 1647, d. soon; Sarah, again, latter
part of Mar. 1650; Joseph, June 1652; John, latter part of Mar. 1654;
and Hannah, Feb. 1657. His will of 20 Dec. 1666, names the five ch.
and w. Blanch. WILLIAM, R. I. 1654.

    HULLING or HULLINE, OBADIAH, Salem, had, says Felt, gr. of ld.
1639; and in the list of freem. appears the surname with no name of
bapt. 22 May 1639. Yet I feel doubtful, for in his ch. mem. Felt gives
no such, and of the whole 399 bef. 1651, a single Obadiah is found, but
he is united with the name Holme, and this man too had a gr. of ld.

    HULTON, RICHARD, Salisbury, by w. Martha had Dorothy, b. 19 Apr.
1673, had been earlier of Topsfield.

    HUMBER, EDWARD, Salem, freem. 1665. HUMPHREY, Hampton

    HUME, DAVID, and two or three others of the same fam. name, came
to Boston May 1652, as prisoners tak. at the battle of Worcester 3 Sept.
preced. brot. in the John and Sarah, with about two hundred and seventy
more, to be sold. Most of them, no doubt, d. bef. serv. their times out,
nor can I find evid. of more than one of all the young men having raised
a progeny here; but perhaps some few others escap. the general doom of
civil war.

    HUMFREY, � || JOHN, Lynn, a gent. of great merit for his services and
affection to our country in its first attempts, chos. at its sec. meeting,
1629, dep.-gov. of the comp. in Eng. came not over, however, bef. July 1634,
then arr. prob. in the Planter, yet in confident expect. of his arr. had