Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p459

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Volume 2, Page 459

Swanzey, d. 6 Nov. 1697, prob. in 64th yr. He left wid. Mary, wh. m. 10 Aug.
1703, Rev. Thomas Buckingham of Saybrook. His ch. were Thomas, b. 10 June
1659; Samuel, 29 May 1661; William, 11 May 1663; John, 20 Feb. 1665; James, 27
Oct. 1666; Roger, 14 Sept. 1668, d. in 30th yr. unm.; Nathaniel, 28 Sept.
1671; Mary, 3 July 1673, wh. in 1698 bec. third w. of Rev. James Pierpont of
New Haven
; Hezekiah, 7 Nov. 1675, d. at 11 yrs.; Daniel, 25 Mar. 1679, H. C. 1700;
and Sarah, 5, bapt. 8 May 1681, wh. m. Rev. Stephen Buckingham of Norwalk.
SAMUEL, Hartford, s. of the preced. m. 1687, Mehitable, d. of Giles Hamlin,
had Giles, bapt. 12 Oct. 1690; Thomas, 5 Feb. 1693; William, 24 Feb. 1695;
ano. s. and two ds. of wh. Esther, 30 Nov. 1702, was one; and d. 1739. THOMAS,
Cambridge, b. at Markfield, near Leicester, Co. Leicester, a. 1586, as in Mather is told;
but the register of that parish for a few yrs. bef. and after is totally defic. It may, also,
be doubted, for the fam. name does not appear at all in the reg. and perhaps ano.
parish in that Co. may have been his birthplace. He was bred at Emanuel Coll.
Cambr. where he took his deg. 1608, and 11, and was chos. one of the Fellows,
first exercised his faculties as a lecturer, when 40 yrs. old, at Chelmsford,
in Essex; but after four yrs. his unflinch. aversion to some cerem. compell.
him to withdraw from the pulpit, and he opened a sch. at Little Baddow, a. 5
miles from C. where famous John Eliot was his assist.; but being still
troubled for his puritanism, he went within two yrs. over to Holland, served
in the gospel two yrs. at Delft, and went thence to assist William Ames at
Rotterdam, thinking however to come over to us. One of our earliest sett.
George Alcock had m. his sis. and of course he felt the attraction. Privately
he got passage in the Griffin, with Rev. Samuel Stone, and our great John
Cotton, arr. at Boston 3 Sept. 1633, next mo. sett. at Cambridge, freem. 14
May 1634, and in June 1636 went to Hartford with a majority of parishioners,
d. 7 July 1647, in his 61st yr. tho. in the verses, wh. Mather at the end of
his Life, III. 68, transcribes from Elijah Corlet, the glorious sch.-master,
he is made 75, a preposterous exagger. that must have delighted the author of
the Magn. Stranger confus. of time is seen in an article of Geneal. Reg. VI.
281, making Eliot, the apostle, follow H. to our wilderness, when he preced.
him by near two yrs. Much excellent matter is distrust. in such carelessn.
His wid. Susanna was not, I suppose, mo. of the elder ch. as of Joanna, w. of
Rev. Thomas Shepherd of Cambridge, wh. d. above a yr. bef. her f. and of Mary,
w. of Rev. Roger Newton of Farmington. Other ch. were John, Samuel, H. C. 1653,
Sarah, all under age in 1647, as by his will, made the day of his death, at great
length, appears. Sarah m. Rev. John Wilson of Medfield. The valuat. of his
est. was large; of his library, honorable. Both will and inv. are print. in
Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 498-502. A clause of the testam. tho. it did