Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p441


Volume 2, Page 441

where he was cruelly beat. and chain. as a Quaker, under the governm. of
Stuyvesant. He is call. "an ancient friend, and traveller for God's truth;"
and d. 10 May 1696, aged 78 yrs. See Vol II. 73 and 288.

    HOGG, JOHN, Mass. 1639. Felt. Perhaps he was only trans. RICHARD,
Boston, a tailor, by w. Joan had Joseph, b. Dec. 1637, not 1636, bapt. 25 Aug.
1639; Mary, bapt. 22 July 1641, 6 days old; and John, b. 4, bapt. 10 Mar.
1644; Mary, again, b. 3 Feb. 1647; was freem. 13 May 1640. THOMAS, New Haven
1646, or earlier, was there 1654. Five of this name were landed in Boston, May
1652, by the John and Sarah, from London, to be sold, hav. been made prisoners
at Worcester fight, 3 Sept. preced. of not one of wh. we ever hear after. I
doubt not, they and the great maj. of their fellows d. of ill treatm. or
broken heart.

    HOGGRIDGE or HOGGERIDGE, ABEL, Pemaquid, sw. fidel. to Mass. 1674.

after 1638 rem. to New Haven, where he was 1646, d. 1648. See Halbridge.

    HOLBROOK, CORNELIUS, Weymouth, s. of William the first, by w. Margery,
had Mehitable, b. 10 Mar. 1687; and by sec. w. Experience had Elizabeth 23 May
1695; Abigail, 17 Aug. 1697; and William. DANIEL,
Roxbury, and d. 23 Aug. 1673, by casualty, was, perhaps, s. of the first John,
and by w. Miriam had Daniel, b. 13 Nov. 1671; nor do I kn. more than that his
d. Abigail was b. 13 May 1669, and ano. Daniel, wh. d. 12 July 1697, only 2
wks. old, whose mo. was Elizabeth Seaver, m. 29
May 1696. But after long search, I fear the complicat. is too gr.
for the same rec. has ano. Daniel, wh. m. 29 May 1698 Abigail Craft,
and she d. 5 Nov. 1701. ICHABOD, Weymouth, s. of capt. John of
the same, by w. Sarah, d. of John Turner of Scituate, had Abiezer;
b. 7 May 1689; David, Sept. 1690; Sarah, 13 Jan. 1695; Elisha,
wh. d. a. 1697; and John, 28 Nov. 1699. ISRAEL, Milford, s. of
Richard, had w. Mary, and one d. when he d. 1680. * JOHN, Dorchester,
perhaps br. of Thomas the first, freem. 13 May 1640, may have rem.
for short time to Rehoboth a. 1643, thence to Weymouth; of ch. are
thot. to bc Thomas; Richard; Margaret, wh. 16 July 1656 bec. sec. w.
of Nicholas Rockett, or Rockwood; Daniel; Samuel; and Nathaniel,
of the last, it being, add. that prob. he d. without issue; was rep.
1651, and many yrs. more perhaps; but we have not means of certainty
bec. ano. * JOHN, of Weymouth, s. of Thomas, b. prob. in Eng. was rep.
many yrs. betw. 1651 and 1692, call. lieut. and afterwards capt. I think
he was prob. the same whose w. Sarah d. 14 Jan. 1644, but what ch. if
any she had, are unkn. but ds. Lois, and Eunice, tw. are b. by the rec. 12
May 1658. By w. Elizabeth d. of that wid. Stream, wh. was sec. w. of John
Otis, he also had Experience, 23 May 1661; Ichabod, 30 May 1662;
and, earlier or later, sev. more, for his will of 12 July 1699, pro. 14