Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p42


Volume 2, Page 42

assemblies, nicknam. Parliaments for Mid Lothian, and rose to be
Chancellor for the ancient kingdom, with £2,000 an. allow. in wh. station
he cont. some time under Richard. That successor in the royal
protectorsh. his br. was one of the princ. instrum. of overthr.; as he had,
indeed, successfully counteract. the desperate ambition of the great
captain for the title of king, tho. he was elevat. by his br.-in-law to a
seat in the "other house," with the empty name of lord. See the very
copious and curious letter of Maidstone to Gov. Winthrop of Conn. 3 Mass.
Hist. Coll. I. 185. How long he preserv. this dignity in the conquer. kingdom
is not told. Me d. 10 Dec. 1690, at fam. est. of Elsworth, Cambr. See
Styles, Hist. of the Judges, 35. Noble, Mem. of the Cromwell fam. II. 254.

    DESCHAMPS, ISAAC, Boston, had Isaac, bapt. at O.S. ch. 17 June 1677.
He was prob. a Hugenot.

    DEUCE. See Druce.

    DEVELL, DEVEL, DAVOLL or DEVILL, JOSEPH, Portsmouth, R. I. or
Newport, perhaps s. of William of the same, was of Westerly 1669; m. Mary,
d. of the first Francis Brayton, as I judge, had Mary, wh. d. young; and his
w. d. bef. 1671. He liv. in the Niantic country, then his d. Mary m. 18 Mar.
1689, James Talman., had sec. w. Elizabeth wh. outliv. him, and m. Christopher
Champlin. WILLIAM, Braintree, had John, b. 24 June 1643, d. at 3
wks.; prob. rem. to Newport, there was in list of freem. 1655.

    DEVENISH or DAVENISH, THOMAS, Salem 1639, adm. with w. Mary of the
ch. 1641, freem. 2 June of that yr. had Mary, bapt. 18 July 1641; and Bethia,
30 Nov. 1643; prob. other ch.

    DEVEREUX, DEVORIX or DEVEROE, JOHN, Salem, came, perhaps in the
fleet with Winthrop 1630, a youth of 16, was on Marblehead side 1648, freem.
1683, and liv. in 1694. Prob. by w. Ann he had John, and Susanna, wh. m. 10
Jan. 1695, Stephen Parker of Andover. Four of this name had been gr. in
1834 at Harv. and two at Yale. A large fam. of divines of this name was in
Suff. Eng. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 148.

    DEVOTION, EDWARD, Roxbury, liv. at that part of Boston call. Muddy
riv. now Brookline, when he join. the ch. at B. Mar. 1645, then single,
freem. 1645, had bapt. Mary, 25 Feb. 1649, four days old; his w.
was bapt. the same day at Roxbury; Elizabeth at B. 20 Apr.1651; and at R.
Martha, 13 Mar. 1653; Hannah, 3 Dec. 1654; at B. again, Deborah, 17 May
1657, d. unm. at 25 yrs.; John, 26 June 1659; and at R. again, Sarah, 19 Jan.
1662; Edward, 12 July 1663; and Thomas, 1 May 1670; d. 28 Sept. 1685, aged
64. In his will made 3 days bef. of wh. w. Mary and s. John were Excors. he
ment. also s. Edward and Thomas, d. Sarah Griffin, but not other d. Of the
ds. Elizabeth m. 2 Sept. 1674, Joseph Weld, d. 15 Feb. 1679; Martha m. 2 Sept.
1674, John Ruggles, jr. gr.s. of Thomas; and Hannah m. 1 May 1679, John
wh. had m. her sis.[1] and d. 17 Dec. 1700; but she m. a Paine,