Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p403


Volume 2, Page 403

whose only s. Nathaniel, a physician at Amherst, N. H. d. 27 May 1800, aged
38, leav. only s. Nathaniel, a physician, who d. 5 Sept. 1819, aged 32, unm.
in Miss. There is a strange inconsistency between this acco. verified by the
highest authority, both rec. and fam. and that of Lincoln in h is Worcester,
p. 44, where the s. Nathaniel of capt. Daniel is represent. as a bachelor of
very eccentric or foolish notions and acts. Perhaps the traditions and the
gr.stone belong to the s. Richard. RICHARD, Boston, s. of Daniel, perhaps the
eldest, a sch.master, was of Yarmouth, in 1686, went back to B. soon after,
was there in 1706, soon after went to Worcester, there d. I suppose, but at
what time Lincoln has not ment. * THOMAS, Concord, rem. early to sett. at
Chelmsford, freem. 1654, had Bridget, who m. 28 Nov. 1660, James Richardson,
and perhaps other ch. was rep. 1667, 71, and 6, major of the reg. of
Middlesex, and d. 18 July 1703. Allen says he rem. from Wenham. WILLIAM,
Boston, m. 20 Jan. 1653, Mary Philbird, if the surname be correct, had
William, b. 29 Jan. 1654; and Mary , 20 Dec. 1655. The name is often write.
agreeably to vulgar utterance, Hinksman, and sometimes Hinckesman.

    HENDER, RICHARD, Salem 1668.

    HENDERSON, WILLIAM, Dover 1679.

    HENDRICK, * DANIEL, Haverhill 1645, had been of Hampton 1639, b. a.
1610, m. at Boston, 8 Apr. 1660, perhaps for 2d w. Mary, wid. of John
, rep. 1681, liv. 1690, prob. had, all by first w. Dorothy, d. of
John Pike, Daniel; John, b. 1649; Jotham; Jabez; Israel; Hannah; and Dorothy.
Perhaps Sarah, wh. m. 1 June 1682, Samuel Ingalls at Andover, was his d. by
sec. w. JOHN, Newbury, s. of the preced. by w. Abigail, d. of William Morse,
had John, b. 23 Oct. 1678; Daniel, 6 Feb. 1684; and William, 15 Mar. 1688.
JOTHAM, Haverhill, s. of Daniel, took o. of fidel. 28 Nov. 1677. PETER,
Windsor 1675, rem. perhaps to Wallingford 1712.

    HENDY, HANDY or HENDEE, OWEN, Marblehead 1668. RICHARD, Norwich
1659, d. a. 1670, leav. Richard, b. a. 1667, and Caleb. RICHARD, Stamford, s. of the
preced. was one of the first proprs. of Killingworth and in 1689 purch. ld. in Windham,
m. 1. Mar. 1693, Sarah Smith, had Jonathan, b. 17 Mar. 1694; and she d. 18 of mo.
foll. Next he m. 17 Oct. 1695, Elizabeth Conant, had Hannah, 25 Dec. 1697; Sarah, 16
Apr. 1700; Caleb, 12 Mar. 1704, d. young; Joshua, 25 Apr. 1707; Elizabeth 28 Apr.
1710; Barzillai, 18 June 1713; Asa, 25 Aug. 1715; Nathaniel, 10 Aug. 1718; and
Mary, 6 July 1720. He d. 6 Feb. 1743; and his wid. d. 23 Sept. 1762.

    HENFIELD EDMUND, Salem 1669, master mariner. In Remarka. Providences,
by Incr. Mather, 27, is seen his rescue, Apr. 1681, of shipwreck. sailors in an open
boat. JOSEPH, Salem, m. Mary, d. of Samuel Gardner, but after hav. Mary and
Joseph, she did not live long. WILLIAM, Salem, m. 12 July 1671, Elizabeth Preston,
had Elizabeth b. 4 July foll.; Hannah, 1674, d. in few wks. and Hannah, again, 4 Mar.

    HENING or HENNEN, RICHARD, Newbury, had Shubael, b. 7 Dec. 1671.

    HENLEY or HANLEY, ELIAS, Boston, m. 4 Nov. 1657, Sarah Thompson, prob.
was of Marblehead 1668-78. JOSEPH, Chelmsford 1680.

    HENRICKSON, PETER, Boston, had Mary, b. 21 Mar. 1640; and John, 22 Feb.

    HENRY, ISAAC, Medfield 1675. JOHN, Topsfield, freem. 1690.