Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p402

Volume 2, Page 402

that town; Joshua, 16 June 1649; and Hannah, 11 Apr. 1652; and Caulkins, 272,
tells, that he d. June 1655; and that his wid. m. Andrew Lester. But when,
310, that. dilig. writer makes her to be d. of Isaac Willey, my confidence is
shak. especial. when a romant. connex. is by tradit. attempt. to be fix. by
ano. union between the Lester and the Willey. Mary m. 1665, Robert Douglas;
and Hannah m. Abel Moore.

    HENBURY, ARTHUR, Hartford, was bur. 1 Aug. 1697, but many yrs. bef. he
was of Windsor and Simsbury, m. 1670, Lydia Hill, had Mary, Hannah, Eliz. and
Susanna, of wh. at his d. Eliz. was 17 yrs. and Susanna, 15. Admin. of his
est. was by wid. Martha, who m. John Shepard. All the ds. m. but the name

    HENCHMAN or HINCHMAN, || DANIEL, Boston, sch.master 1666, freem. 1672,
ar. co. 1675 perhaps, by w. Sarah had (beside Richard, Hezekiah, and
Nathaniel) Susanna, b. 7 June 1667; and William, 28 July 1669, wh. d. young;
and by w. Mary, d. of William Poole, m. 26 Apr. 1672, had William, again, 29
Mar. 1673; Jane, 25 May 1674; Daniel 16 June 1677; and Mary, 1 June 1682; the
last two prob. d. young. Having serv. on the Comtee. for survey of a new
planta. now Worcester, a. 1665, he bec. a propr. and in Philip's war, 1675 and
6, was a capt. of distinct. and d. at Worcester, 15 Oct. 1685. His wid. Mary,
with the s. Richard and Hezekiah and admin. The est. by inv. of 29 Apr. 1686,
was £1381.13.9 EDMUND, Marshfield 1652, had come with, or after, Rev. John
Fiske of Wenham, rem. I presume, to Chelmsford after 1657, there d. 27 Oct.
1668; perhaps had d. Elizabeth wh. m. 1652, George Vaughan of Scituate. His wid.
Elizabeth m. 1 Aug. 1672, Rev. John Fiske. Allen, Hist. of C. 124. HEZEKIAH,
Boston, s. of Daniel, freem. 1690, by w. Abigail had Daniel, b. 21 Jan. 1689;
Samuel, 5, bapt. 7 Feb. 1692; Margaret, 7 Jan. 1694, bapt. same day, prob. d.
soon; and Abigail, posthum. 1, bapt. 6 Jan. 1695. He d. May 1694. His s.
Daniel was lieut. col. deac. of the O. S. ch. the enterpris. bookseller, who
caused the first ed. in America of the Eng. bible to be print, says Thomas in
his Hist. with a false title-page to evade the right of the King's printer; d.
25 Feb. 1761. JOHN, Boston, m. 10 Aug. 1660, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Emmons.
JOHN, Charlestown, perhaps same as Hinckson. JOSEPH, Scituate, a. 1680, had
Elizabeth b. 1685; Mary, 1689; Hannah, 1698; Edmund, 1700; and Sarah, 1702. Deane
thought he was s. of Thomas of Chelmsford. NATHANIEL, Boston, s. of Daniel,
freem. 1690, m. 11 Jan. 1694, Hannah Green, had Nathaniel, b. 31 Mar. 1695, d.
young; Mary, 13 Apr. 1697, d. many yrs. after at the ho. of a sec. s.;
Nathaniel, 2 Nov. 1699, H. C. 1717, min. of Lynn, ord. Dec. 1720, d. 23 Dec.
1761, leav. Dr. Nathaniel, H. C. 1747,