Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p391

Volume 2, Page 391

7 Mar. 1677; William, 7 Jan. 1679; Mary, 27 Jan. 1686; and Samuel, 5 July
1687. Descend. spell their name Haines. THOMAS, Sudbury, perhaps br. of
Walter, or John, or both, d. 28 July 1640. THOMAS, Maine 1658-1665. Perhaps he
rem. to Amesbury, m. 26 Dec. 1667, Martha Burnet (in Geneal. Reg. VI. 342,
print. Bartlett), of Salisbury, and d. 1683, leav. wid. wh. m. Samuel Bucknam,
and ch. of the ages foll. Thomas, 13; Ellen, 9; Aquila, 5; John, 3; and Mary,
1 1/2. He may have been s. of Richard. THOMAS, Amesbury, s. of the first
William, took. o. of fidel. 20 Dec. 1677, m. 15 Dec. 1676, Sarah Rea, had
John, b. 14 Apr. 1678; William, 25 Oct. 1680; Sarah, 31 Oct. 1681; Joseph, 18
Oct. 1683; Benjamin, 21 Sept. 1685; Daniel, 25 Aug. 1687, d. young; Hannah, 25
Sept. 1689; and Thomas, 17 Oct. 1691. THOMAS, Haverhill, s. of Jonathan of the
same, m. 22 Dec. 1703, Hannah Harriman, perhaps d. of Matthew of the same, had
Lydia, b. 7 Aug. 1705; Hannah, 22 Mar. 1707; Mehitable, 22 Jan. 1709; Sarah, 9
Jan. 1711; Jonathan, 25 Apr. 1712; Joseph, 5 Feb. 1715; and Elizabeth 4 Feb. 1717.
His w. d. 12 Feb. 1761; and he d. 6 Dec. 1771. WALTER, Sudbury, one of the
first proprs. a linen weaver of Sutton Mandeville, Co. Wilts, came in the
Confidence from Southampton 1638, aged 55, with w. Elizabeth s. Thomas, John, and
Josias, all under 16 yrs. and ds. Suffrance, and Mary, beside three serv. John
Blandford, 27; John Riddel, 26; and Richard Bildcombe, 16; was freem. 13 May
1641. rep. 1641, 4, 8 and 51, selectman 10 yrs.; d. 14 Feb. 1665. His will of
25 May 1659, ment. w. Elizabeth s. Thomas, away from home, never m. it is said;
John, wh. is made excor. and Josias; ds. Suffrance, w. of Josiah Treadaway;
Mary, w. of Thomas Noyes; beside d. Goard, and s.-in-law Roger G. to wh. he
devises a tenement at Shaston in Dorsetsh. This fam. uniformly spell. the name
with i instead of y. WILLIAM, Salem 1644, perhaps br. of James, or Richard, but not of
Gov. John in my opin. m. Sarah, d. of Richard Ingersoll, had Thomas, and perhaps other
ch. His wid. m. Joseph Houlton. WILLIAM, Falmouth, a sch.-master, perhaps s. of the
preced. m. bef. 1674, Margery, wid. of Nicholas White, rem. to Lynn, to escape the Ind.
war, thence to Portsmouth, or Great Island, a. 1686, and last to Newbury, where he d.
1702; had only ch. Francis. Of this name eight had been gr. at the N. E.
coll. in 1834.

    HAYNOR, WILLIAM, Salem 1660, a tailor from Virg. Felt.

    HAYWARD, EPHRAIM, Windsor, s. of Robert, m. 1684, Abigail, d.
of maj. Benjamin Newbury, had 2 or 3 ch. and d. 1690. GEORGE, Concord
1635, one of the earliest sett. freem. Mar. 1638, d. 29 Mar. 1671;
by w. Mary had John, b. 20 Dec. 1640; Mary; Joseph, 26 Mar. 1643;
Sarah, 19 Mar. 1645; Hannah, 20 Apr. 1647, wh. m. Jacob Farrar the
first; Simeon, 22 Jan. 1649 ; William, 1651; and George, 2 July 1654,
wh. was prob. the soldier of Davenport's comp. k. 19 Dec. 1675, in the