Person:Walter Haynes (1)

Walter Haynes
b.Abt 1583
m. 23 Oct 1575
  1. John Haynes1576 -
  2. Margery Haynes1578 -
  3. William Haynes1580 -
  4. Elizabeth HaynesAbt 1582 -
  5. Walter HaynesAbt 1583 - 1664/65
  6. Susan Haynes1585 -
  7. Rose Haynes1587 -
  8. Grace HaynesAbt 1589 -
  9. Dorothy Haynes1601 -
m. 1612
  1. Josiah HaynesAbt 1612 -
  2. Deliverance HaynesAbt 1613 -
  3. Thomas Haynes1615 -
  4. Mary HaynesAbt 1616 - 1697/98
  5. Elizabeth Haynes1616 -
  6. Sufferance Haynes1620 - 1682
  7. Deacon John HaynesAbt 1621 - 1697
  8. Josiah HaynesAbt 1623 - 1698
  9. Gourd HaynesAbt 1626 -
  10. Roger HaynesAbt 1632 -
Facts and Events
Name Walter Haynes
Gender Male
Birth[3] Abt 1583
Marriage 1612 Shaston, Dorset, Englandto Elizabeth Gourd
Emigration[3] 1638 On the Confidence.
Will[5] 25 May 1659 Will written
Will[5] 4 Mar 1663/64 Codicil
Death[2][4] 14 Feb 1664/65 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesStandard Place Name
Probate[5] 4 Apr 1665

He was one of first settlers of Sudbury, MA. Was a linen weaver in England and owned property in Sutton Mandeville, Co. Wilts and Shafton (Shaftsbury), Co. Dorset. Held many offices in Sudbury. See Walter Haynes and His Descendants[1].

The Confidence (1638)
Part of the Great Migration. Passengers included John Sanders returning from England with the patent for what would become Salisbury, MA.
Sailed: 24 April 1638 from Southampton, England under Master John Jobson
Arrived: Jun 1638 at Boston, Massachusetts.

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    "Walter Haynes was born in Old England in 1583, but we have been unable to find the exact locality."
    [Note, the passenger list lists his current residence of Sutton Mandeville causing some (like Cutter) to carelessly say he was born there. Walter's will bequeaths to his daughter Gourd, who lived in England, lands in Shaston, Dorsetshire, England. His mother who mentioned him in her will of 1620/21 was from Place:Semley, Wiltshire, England (see Source:NEHGR, p. 39:263). He is called "Cozen Walter Hayne of Semly" in the will of Ursula Goodenow dated 1633/34 (Source:TAG, p. 61:66). The last may be the best guess at his birthplace.]

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    "An Inventory of the lands, goods, money,and estate, and debts of Mr. Walter Haynes of Sudbury, who dec'ed the 14th of february 1664, exactly taken by us underwritten the 28th of february 1664, is as followeth, ...." Signed Edmund Goodenow and Thomas Plimpton.

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    [1638] 24 April. List of passengers from Southampton for New England by the Confidence of London, Mr. John Jobson [Master].

    Walter Hayne of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts, linen weaver 55 [birth about 1583], and Elizabeth his wife, their sons Thomas, John and Josias under 16 and daugheters Suffrance and Mary 5, and servants John Blanford 27, John Riddet 26, and Richard Bidlcombe 16; ...
    [Alternate source: Source:NEHGR, p. 2:108.]

  4. Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Sudbury, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1903)

    HAYNES, Walter, [died] Feb. 14, 1664. M.R.

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    Walter Haynes, b. Sutton Mandifield, Wiltshire, England in 1583, d. Sudbury 14 Feb 1664-5, came to New England in 1638 with wife Eliza. Will dated 25 May 1659, codicil 4 Mar 1663/64, proved 4 Apr 1665, mentions wife Elizabeth; sons Thomas, John and Josiah; sons in law Thomas Noyes and Roger Gourd; daughter Gourd. [According to Source:NEHGR, p. 65:295, also mentions daughters Suffrans Treddoway and Mary Noyes.]