Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p389

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Volume 2, Page 389

s. of Sec. William, had w. Elizabeth and d. 1717. JAMES, Salem 1637, freem. Mar.
1638 (yet Felt has not the name among mem. of the ch. unless, as is prob. it
be his James Hindes of that yr.) had there bapt. John, 28 Aug. 1639; James, 2
Aug. 1641, d. soon; Benjamin, 26 Aug. 1643; Mary, 19 Apr. 1646; James, again,
27 Feb. 1647; Jonathan, and Sarah, tw. 11 June 1648; and Thomas, 4 May 1651.
JAMES, Sudbury, s. of John, m. Sarah Noyes, had James; d. 1732. JAMES, New
London, s. of Charles,[2] m. a. 1688, Margaret, wid. of Pasco Foote. § ‡ JOHN,
Cambridge, was of Copford Hall, Essex, came with Rev.
Thomas Hooker, arr. in the Griffin, 3 Sept. 1633, freem. 14 May 1634, then
chos. an Assist. and Gov. next yr. but after again serv. a yr. as an Assist.
rem. in May 1637, to Conn. sett. at Hartford, was there made first Gov. of the
Col. 1639, and cont. by alternate yrs. to fill that office or dep. interchang.
with Edward Hopkins until his d. 1 Mar. 1654. His will was of 27 Oct.
1646, and was pro. 11 July 1654. By first w. he had Robert, and
Hezekiah, wh. were left in Eng. and in the great civ. war nine yrs. after the
depart. of their f. it is said, took opposite sides, the elder for the King,
and suffer. imprisonm.; the younger was prosperous, a Col. in 1653, and soon
after promoted by Cromwell, and, after d. of the royalist, without ch. enjoy.
the ancestr. est. as have his heirs; Roger, wh. went home, d. soon, perhaps on
the voyage; and Mary, wh. m. Joseph Cooke, not as Porter corrects Trumbull.
By sec. w. Mabel, sis. of Roger Harlakenden, wh. came with her br. in the
Defence, 1635, aged 21, he had John, H. C. 1656; Joseph, b. 1641, H. C.
1658; Ruth; and Mabel, 19 Mar. 1645. His wid. m. 17 Nov. 1654, Rev.
Samuel Eaton. Ruth m. Samuel Wyllys; and Mabel m. James Russell
of Charlestown. JOHN, s. of the preced. after gr. in the class with Increase
Mather, was made freem. of Conn. 1657, but went home and took his
deg. of A. M. at the Univ. of Cambridge, Eng. 1660, had a living in the ch. in
Essex or Suff'k. and d. bef. 1698. * JOHN, Sudbury 1640, s. of Walter, b. in
Eng. freem. 1646 was rep. 1669, by w. Dorothy Noyes had Elizabeth b. 19 July 1644;
John, 6 May 1649; Mary; both[1] d.soon; Dorothy, 1651; Peter, 7 Apr. 1654;
Joseph, 7 Sept. 1656, k. in youth by fall of a tree; Thomas, 1658, d. young;
James, 1660; Daniel, wh. d. a soldier in 1688; Rachel; Ruth; David, 1671. His
will was of 1 Oct. 1692. Elizabeth m. Henry Balcom of Charlestown; Dorothy m.
Joseph Freeman; Rachel m. John Lochard of Sudbury; and Ruth m. Joseph Noyes.
* JOHN, Sudbury, perhaps s. of the preced. or of Walter (wh. may seem equally
[1], b. in Eng. was selectman 18 yrs. deac. and rep. 1691, d. 11 Dec. 1710.
JONATHAN, Newbury, said to be s. of Jonathan of the same (but very little
reliance is due to that Jonathan, as the story is so uncert.), m. 1 Jan. Mary
Moulton, wh. soon d. and he m. 30 Dec. 1674, Sarah Moulton, both ds. of
William, as I presume, tho. the fam. geneal. gives