Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p242


Volume 2, Page 242

Watertown, freem. 1645, had the two s. bef. ment. and by ano. w. m. 14 May
1656, Thomasin Hewes, wh. d. at W. 2 Jan. 1670, had Mary, b. 24 Dec. 1659;
and ano. d. perhaps, wh. m. Richard Ellis; and he d. at D. 30 Jan. 1674. His
will, of 17 preced. pro. 4 Feb. foll. names the three ch. of hims. then
gives to ch. of his s.-in-law Richard Ellis, and to d.-in-law Ruth Ellis,
wid. whereby we may be led to assume that he had m. a wid. Ellis for 3d w.

    GENNOR. See Jenner.

    GEORGE, ELEAZER, Salem 1668. JAMES, Haverhill 1653, Salisbury 1662,
was of Amesbury in 1677, when he sw. fidel. by w. Sarah had Samuel b. 25 Feb.
1666. JOHN, Watertown, had Robert and Susanna, but by a w. unkn. to us,
and these ch. were prob. b. in Eng. where his w. may have d. He m. at W.
Ann, wid. of Henry Goldstone, and d. 1647, his inv. being of 12 June, and
pro. 29 of the same in that yr. His wid. d. 26 Apr. 1670, aged 79. Susanna
m. 1 Oct. 1648, Robert Harrington; but of Robert we hear no more. JOHN,
Charlestown 1657, had been in Mar. 1641 apprent. for 8 yrs. to Gov. Winthrop
with his own consent, so that he may have been of full age, and a differ.
person from him wh. was one of the found. of the first Bapt. ch. in Boston
1665, d. 12 Sept. 1666. Hutch. Coll. 399, shows the sad proceed. just bef.
by the Court against him. His nuncup. will names wid. Elizabeth ch. Elizabeth Glazier,
Martha Roe, or Row, John, Ruth, Hannah, and Mary. His wid. m. a. Harbour,
and she had her ch. bapt. Mary George, 15 Apr. 1677; and John George, call.
young man, 5 Aug. 1677. Mary m. 11 July 1678, Joseph Dowse; Hannah m. 25
Nov. 1673, James Miller; and Ruth m. 1668, Samuel Frothingham. JOHN,
Boston, possib. s. of the preced. but more prob. of Peter, m. Lydia, d. of
Rev. Samuel Lee, was one of the first mem. of Brattle st. ch. Feb. 1700.
His wid. bec. third w. of Rev. Cotton Mather, 5 July 1715. JOHN,
Charlestown, perhaps s. of John of the same, had, in 1690, w. Mary,
of John Lowden, m. 11 Sept. 1688. JOSHUA, a soldier in Philip's war,
wh. had been impress. NICHOLAS, Dorchester, innholder, freem. 1666, then call. sen.
had w. Elizabeth s. Nicholas, prob. other ch. made his will 27 Apr. 1675, and Id. perhaps the
same yr. for license in 1676 was giv. to his wid. Elizabeth wh. d. at D. 8 Nov. 1699, in 98th
yr. NICHOLAS, Dorchester, s. of the preced. by w. Abigail had Nicholas, b. at
Charlestown, 20 Mar. 1663; John, 4 July 1665; and perhaps
other ch. rem. to Boston, and by the blundering rec. there his w. Mary
brot. him John, 6 Feb. 1684; Nicholas, 7 Feb. 1684; Mary, 5 Feb. 1686; Mary,
again, 28 June 1688; and Nicholas, again, 23 Jan. 1688-9. PETER, Braintree,
had e Susan, b. Feb. 1643; Mary, 7 Sept. 1645; Hannah, 7 Sept. 1648; John,
24 June 1650, a. soon; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1651; John, again, 1653; and Peter, 9
Jan. 1655; sold his est. at B. and rem. 1670, to Block island. RICHARD,
Boston, m. 1 Nov. 1655, Mary, d. of William