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Volume 2, Page 544

84, and his wid. d. 6 June 1757, in 86th yr. WILLIAM, Providence,
youngest s. of sec. Joseph, a judge, m. Patience Sprague, had Jonathan,
William, Margaret, Patience, John, Susanna, Esther, and Mercy. He
d. 3 Oct. 1765, in his 91st yr. Five of this name, the old form of wh.
was Jenckes, had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and five at Brown Univ.

    JENNER, GINNER or JENNERS, DAVID, Boston 1685, freem. 1691,
prob. was of Charlestown bef. and aft. and by w. Mabel Russell, m. 14
June 1688, had Mabel, b. a. 31 Oct. bapt. 2 Nov. 1690; and Rebecca, bapt. 3
Jan. 1692; but in B. Thomas, 24 Dec. 1693; Elizabeth 2 Aug. 1696; and David, 9
July 1699; and d. 24 Aug. 1709, in 46th yr. JOHN, Dorchester, perhaps soon
went to Stratford, where he might be 1650, or of Brookhaven
on L. I. 1655, had prob. m. Alice, only ch. of Robert Pigg of New
, wh. in his will, 1660, gave est. to Thomas J. "my d.'s s. and
her other ch." * THOMAS, Roxbury, a. 1634 or 5, rem. soon after to
Weymouth, was min. there but a few mos. or yrs. freem. 8 Dec. 1636, rep.
1640, and went to Saco, there preach. not long, but went home, and in
1651 was in Norfk. so poor as to sell his libr. See let. of apostle Eliot
in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 144. Winthrop I. 250. Ano. Jenner was of
Weymouth at the same time with this min. and if his name of bapt.
were Thomas, might be that freem. of 6 Sept. 1639. But in the div. of
lds. June 1646, six acres for ea. person over twelve yrs. and three for
younger, eighteen acres fell to the sen. and 45 to the jun. for his fam. THOMAS,
Charlestown 1658, prob. the same[1], to wh. Frothingham, 86, says, liberty of
resid. was giv. 1636, was not a freem. of the Col. but perhaps Esther,
wh. join. the ch. 9 July 1648, was his w. THOMAS, Charlestown, perhaps
s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 22 May 1655, Rebecca, d. of Nicholas
, wh. d. 23 Sept. 1722, aged 86, had Rebecca, b. 27 Feb.
1656, and prob. other ch. we kn. Thomas and ano. ch. were bapt. 6 May
1660; David, 25 Oct. 1663; Sarah, 22 July 1667; Samuel, 21 Mar.
1669; Eleanor, and Elizabeth tw. 12 Feb. 1671; and Eleanor, 22 Feb.
1674; unit. with the ch. in Mar. 1681, yet was not made freem. tho. it
is less remark. since in 1682, I find only two men of that town sw. and
only three others in 1690, among sev. hundreds from other towns, wh.
took that privilege bef. 1692. He was of ar. co. 1673; a capt. and I
presume that master of the sh. from London to Boston, 1685, with wh.
came honest John Dunton, wh. calls him a man with "some smatterings
of divinity in his head;" and d. a. 1699.

    JENNESS, FRANCIS, Hampton, baker, m. a d. of Moses Coxe, had
Thomas, b. 23 Feb. 1671, d. at 25 yrs.; Hannah, 26 Mar. 1673;
Hezekiah, 30 Mar. 1675; John, 14 June 1678; Elizabeth 30 Jan. 1681;
Mehitable; and Richard, 8 June 1686. Descend. are num. Hannah
m. Edward Locke; and Elizabeth m. James Berry. Sometimes this name
appears Jennings.

    JENNINGS, JOHN, Hartford 1639, rem. a. 1641, to Southampton,