Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p225


Volume 2, Page 225

ment. and Rehoboth, and as. named in his will of 1694, Hannah Adams;
Abigail, w. of Jonathan Dodson; and Elizabeth Leavitt; beside gr.d. Esther
Palmer; he d. 1695, in 77th yr. Sometimes the name looks in old engross.
hand like Garrett. Rehoboth went to New Jersey, d. without ch. MATTHEW,
Scituate 1675, s. of the preced. had Matthew, and Joseph. MICAH, Scituate,
d. Oct. 1696, aged 77. RICHARD, Scituate, able to bear arms 1643, of wh. no
more is heard. THOMAS, Duxbury 1642, br. of Matthew the first, rem. to
Bridgewater 1645, and d. 1655, leav. wid. Sarah, and by will of 19 June
1655, gave part of his lands to br. Six of this name had been gr. at Harv.
in 1820.

    GANSON, BENJAMIN, Salem, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 19 Feb. 1670;
and Benjamin, 7 July 1671. As this seems very rare name, perhaps it may
be var. for Jansen.

    GAPPAD, DANIEL, if this be not an impossib. name, is by Porter call.
one of the first sett. tho. not orig. propr. of Hartford, 1636. Hinman has,
29, Garwood, Daniel, as of Hartford, 1639; and greater variation than this
is made by practiced eyes in read. some old MS. Perhaps the name is
Garrett. Daniel is so very rare a name of bapt. in our early days, that it
may lead to true surname.

    GARDE, GARD or GARRARD, JOHN, Warwick 16~5, rem. to New London
1667, perhaps was the man, "old John Gard," in 1712, and his s. Daniel
charg. with misdemean. ROGER, York, recorder of the Prov. 1640, at the
first Assemb. under Sir F. Gorges' commiss. mayor of Acomenticus 1644,
had no w. in the country, wh. exposed him to suspicion. Winthrop II. 210.

    GARDEN, MILES, a soldier in Gallop's comp. in the expedit. of Phips,
1690, to conquer Quebec, wh. was abortive.

    GARDINER, BENONI, Wickford, R. I. 1674. He is by Updike in
Hist. of the Narrag. ch. call. s. of Joseph, the emigr. and f. of William.
CHRISTOPHER, a knight of some holy order, came prob. in the Lion
1630,from Bristol,for Dudley says,it was "a month bef. us;"
or near Mount Wollaston, a. seven miles from Boston, with Morton, the
mischief-maker, less than two yrs., was sent home by our officers. Of
him, and Mary Grove, wh. accomp. him, while he had two ws. in Eng.
eno. may be read in Dudley, as reprint. in Young's Chron. of Mass. and
in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 320. DAVID, Gardiner's I. s. of Lyon,
went to London for educa. m. 4 June 1637, Mary Lungman, a wid. of
St. Margaret's, Westminster, had John, b. 19 Apr. 1661; David; Elizabeth;
and Lyon; ea. of wh. bec. head of fam. He d. very sudden. at Hartford,
whither he went on business, and a monu. to his mem. bears this inscript.
there: "Here lyeth the body of Mr. David Gardiner, of Gardiner's Island,
deca. 10 July 1689 in 54th yr. of his age. Well, sick, dead
in one hours space. Engrave the remembr. of death on thine heart;
when, ag thou dost see, how swiftly hours depart." JOSEPH, Wickford,
is said to be the founder of a fam. of distinct. and call. one of the first