Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p218

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Volume 2, Page 218

1 Mar. 1654. His w. Sarah d.1680, and he d. 14 Dec. 1688. ROBERT,
Salem 1639, rem. to Rehoboth, there was freem. 1658, wh. he had
visited perhaps fifteen yrs. bef. and may there have had one or more ch.
of wh. we kn. only, that he calls Jonathan his eldest s. in a deed of 28
May 1696 for ld. in R. but had, also, Benjamin, old eno. to take deed of
1 Dec. 1679 for ho. and six acres at R. while he styles hims. in both, of
Salem, bricklayer. Prob. he had been driv. in Philip's war from enjoym.
of his est. and would encourage his s. to ascertain if it might be profit.
in peace. By the rec. at R. his w. Sarah was bur. 14 Oct. 1676;
and w. Margaret, wh. may not have been mo. of any ch. d. 30 Jan.
1700; and he d. 10 May 1706. Abigail, perhaps his d. m. at R. 16 Oct.
1679, Thomas Cushman. ROBERT, Lynn, freem. 1680, may be the
same as preced. but not prob. SAMUEL, Plymouth 1620, one of the
most valu. pilgrims of the Mayflower, the first physician that came to sett.
in our country. He had been a deac. at least 8 yrs. at Leyden, tho. his
w. Bridget, wh. came in the Ann 1623, with a ch. that, I think, liv. not
long, may have been m. but short time bef. he left Holland. He brot.
serv. William Butten, a youth, wh. d. bef. reach. the coast; had Samuel,
and Mercy, b. here, both after 22 May 1627, and both liv. 1650; and d.
1633, betw. 30 July, the date of his will, and end of Oct. foll. when it
was pro. His w. Bridget liv. until 1664. She was his third w. The first
was Elsie Glascock, m. in Eng. and perhaps d. bef. the sad parting from
his native ld. and, next, he m. at Leyden, 30 Apr. 1613, Agnes Carpenter,
from Wrentham, Co. Suff k. sis. of Alice, the sec. w. of Gov. Bradford.
She liv. not long; and he m. 27 May 1617, ano. maiden, Bridget Lee, her mo.
and br. Samuel assist. at the solemnity. In the docum. to verify this m. F.
is call. silkmaker of London. SAMUEL, Plymouth, neph. of
the preced. made excor. of his will, was s. of the first Edward, and by
him brot. in the Mayflower 1620; after d. of his parents, liv. with the
uncle, and at the div. of lds. 1624, was count. I presume, out of respect to
f. and mo. for three persons; freem. of the col. 1634, rem. to Scituate,
thence to Barnstable, at Scituate hav. m. 8 Apr. 1635, Jane, d. of Rev.
John Lothrop
, had Hannah, wh. m. 1 Jan. 1659, Nicholas Bonham; Samuel, wh.
was bapt. at S. 11 Feb. 1638, and may be the one wh. d. at Rehoboth 15 Aug
1676; Sarah, tho. b. at S. bapt. at B. 1 Aug,. 1641, d. young;
and b at B. were Mary, 16 June 1644, wh. m. Joseph Williams, 18 Nov.
1674; Thomas, 18 May 1651; Sarah, again, 14 Dec. 1654, wh. m. a
Crow; and John; beside one, 8 Feb. 1658, wh. d. at a fortnight; and he
d. 31 Oct. 1683; one of the latest Mayflowers. SAMUEL, Plymouth, s. of
the first Samuel, was a preach. but seems to have been slow to rem. prob.
giving his time to pious care of his mo. refus. invit. to Rehoboth after d.
of Newman, but preach. at Middleborough sixteen yrs. and at last was
ord. there when the first ch. wars gather. 26 Dec. 1694, and d. 17 Aug.
foll. in 71st yr. if his gr.stone be correct. Of this the doubt is almost
invinc. for it would carry his b. to 1623 or 4, at least, whereas in the div.
of cattle, May 1627, his f. head of the eighth lot, counts only for hims.
w. and cous. or neph. bef. ment. Still stranger, however, to our modern
notions, seems the nomin. of him as excor. of will, when he could not be